Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bio Essence Spring Water Review (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*:.。. .。.:*・

Heya ~ I got this recently  :3
So I figure I may as well review it 

Why ? 
 Because I feel that the price is exorbitant for a bottle of... water ? (Okay lah , "Miracle water" ^^ tee heee) and because I'm curious whether this really works or not O.o 
(as in.. water leh ...)

If you're curious here is the normal price it is retailing at :
25 ml - $5.90
100 ml - $10.90
300ml - $28.90

So here is what i received - a small bottle lah hahahaha ^^

it comes with instruction and benefits list 

So lets see if it works !! 
I've been using the bottle for a month 
( about 1-2 spray a day on face and hair - it last for quite long actually ! O.o am pretty surprised !) 

For Face 
Controls Oil effectively Somehow it does for me O.o , But I'm not sure if this will work if I use normal water only will it be overly drying 
Refines pores Nope
Whitens and brightens skin Dont think so
Firms skin with better elasticity Dont think so
Lifts skin Dont think so
Reduces dark circles Dont think so
Reduced eye bags Dont think so
Relieves sensitive skin Dont think so
Relieves pimples and reduces redness Dont think so
Use after make up for longer lasting and natural look Dont think so. I use moisturizer before make up already (as we must do so) so maybe the effect is lessened? Not sure but anyway I dont feel my make up last longer 
Relieves tired(ness) , energizing  Yep !! For this , it does do its work :3
Soothes skin after treatment Kinda soothing , so yea :3

For Hair 
Moisturizing - yes 
Dryness and Split ends  - I dont have these, so I'm not sure D:

For Body 
didnt use it for body so not sure ^^""

Anyway , the review above are PURELY from my point of view . I have used "water looking like stuff" which are priced pretty high but showed results (I am using LUCIDO-L's water treatment and yes, it shows results) Somehow , Bioessence's water doesnt show much results to me (maybe I am using it for too short a period ? Maybe I have to spray more generously ? O.O ) 

But yep , so here is the short review :3 
Again , its MY (short lived and limited) experience with it only ^^ Do feel free to try them out if you're curious ;D they may be expensive for me because I'm an especially  poor student  lah heheheee , but I do have heard of good reviews from people who've been using them for extended periods ^^ 

They are available at Watsons ;D you can easily spot them on the racks 



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