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DIY Harajuku Neko (Cat) hair clip _ CheapoTM (Budget Gyaru)

A lot of you must have seen the uber Kawaii Kelly-chan's Neko-hairpin picture if you're following instagram ;D She got it from JRunway at Plaza Singapura

(follow her at ;D She's a suuuuuperr kawaiii blogger - so petite and fair and fun to talk to too  xD )

I did :3 
and at that moment I thought : "Waa~ that hairpin's soooo cute >,< !!! I want~~ " 

but you see, 
I'm on a tight budget :P

Meaning, after splurging myself on so many stuff and finally stumbling upon the uber cute neko hairpin, I kind of felt like wanting to stab myself for spending so much so now I cant afford to buy the neko hairpin anymore cause I'm simply 


But then , me being my cheapo self , I realized :
"Hooo... if I cant buy it , maybe I can try making it myself " 

So... here goes ;D 

* I tried my best within the very limited period when I'm actually free - yes, I'm a true hardcore mugger *people who study like siao* because I need to read sth 5x before I actually can remember it OTL... It isnt the quality of the real thing obviously, but for me , its enough and it is actually pretty hardy and nice for me ;D *

1. What do you need ?

1. One Black Foam Sheet 
2. White nailpolish /White acrylic paint/ white correction liquid ? :P 
3. Pencil and Eraser
4. Scissors 
5. Brush / unused pen tip /nail dotting tool 

2. The STEPS :

A.Draw a cat's outline with pencil on the black foam sheet :3

B. Cut along the line :3 You'll get something like this below ;3

C. Draw the Neko's face on the foam with pencil 
(You CAN erase actually hahaha , just dont rub the eraser too hard or you'll damage the foam  ;D )

D. Trace the neko face (Eyes, mouth, whiskers) with white paint/ nail polish 
(In this case cheapo me used DAISO $2 nailpolish and I traced it with the tip of my broken pen , used as dotting tool . WHY ? cause I'm cheapo on a budget :P )

E. You should get something like this below after you're done :3 

F. Next , wait till the white paint is DRY 
Then, tidy up the white lines with a black permanent marker ;D 

G .VOILA !!! Now , you can tie up a ribbon etc to add to the neko pin ;D !!!
I am using DAISO's yarn (MUAHAHAHAHA !! DAISO is earnign loads of $$ from me I think lolllz xD eh ! But I bought this for my school stuff last time okay ;D so its leftover yarn and technically I dnt spend any $$ on this neko pin except for the black foam :3 )

SIDE ribbon

Neck Ribbon 
(I ended up choosing this)

F. Now , you can white glue the ribbon to the neko pin ;D

G. Last step , glue a pin on the back of the neko head 
(You can use normal black bobby pin too cause it wont be visible anyway , but i have this , so I am using this . This is from DAISO too, one pack have 4-5 of them ;D so its about 40 cents ) 

And you're done~~~ ;D

Of course being paranoid , I wore them out for one day to see how durable they are ;D
Rest assured, YES, they are durable . I tried tugging them of and they didnt come off :D

This is how they look when worn out


approximate time spent : 20-30 minutes 
approximate cost (for me ) : about $1 
(foam only. cause I used stuff lying around your house. just try being creative and use anything you have k ;D you dont have to stick to this material list ;D Happy adventuring ;D )
and just some short update :

I went to a sebaceous cyst surgery 2-3 weeks ago , so yes , that on my right cheek is a micropore tape to close the miny wound . It is healing well , but I'm just getting annoyed that I cant wear make up while its healing (no make up for 3 weeks already T_T) 

and Ee-chan told me , 
this picture below looks like some royal signalling "blessing" to other people
(am I making any sense with my above statement ? O.o"""
nevermind hahaha ^^" )

and meanwhile, the reason I cant buy the neko pin :

these babies 

Ciao~~ ❤ ❤ 

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  1. The pin you made is really cute! Along with all the accessories you bought XD

    With love,