Tuesday, April 23, 2013

DIY Harajuku Bone hair pin _ CheapoTM (Budget Gyaru)

I've finished exam recently and I thought , why not make some stuff so....
I did a tutorial on how to make a J-runway inspired neko hairpin , and today , I'm going to share about how I made my Harajuku inspired Bone hair pin/clips ;D 

If you're not an arts and craft person , 
dont worry 
neither am I

my methods are mostly foolproof. 

If I can make it , 
so can you !!
*wink*  ヽ(`⌒´メ)ノ

BUT first , you need to assemble your materials :

1. 1 box of clay (DAISO) 
2. Hair pin (I use bobby pin cause these are what I have lying around ) 
3. Glue (I used white glue , but I guess you can use other kind of strong glue too :3) 

Total cost : $2 
(for me , as I already have the glue and bobby pins lying around the house ^^, but the glue are pretty cheap actually O.O about $2-3 per one pretty big tube ) 

SO , this is the box of clay that I got :3 (sorry for the black hole in the middle  , I actually took out the white clay ^^"""" so at the time the pic was taken the box was empty ) 

Le Steps!!

1.Take out a thin strip of 7-8cm x 1cm piece of clay from the box 
(just approximate roughly ;D) 

2.Roll them into a nicely shaped cylinder with your fingers !!! 
Remember to wash your hands clean before this step as
 dirt /pencil marks on your hand may be transferred to the clay :((

3.Use a round-edged object to make a dent at the cylinder's end
I used a marker pen to help me :3 
You'll use this dent to help you shape the end of the " bone "

4.After shaping the end of the bone with your fingers , 
make another dent at the other end :3

Now , 5.roll the marker pen on top of the shaped bone to smoothen the surface

Ta-daaah ;D 
6. Admire the bone !! {{|└(>o< )┘|}}

7.Keep them in a dry, clean place for 24 hours , 
away from prying hands ;D

They're hardened now :3  and ready to be handled ;D
8. Take them out and flip them over , 
then glue the pin/clip/etc etc you want on the BACK of the bone 

I used a bobby pin here because that's all I have at home for now :P 
The RED scotch tape/conduction tape is to ensure that the pin remains in position (doesnt flip over ) as I have to leave the white glue to dry over a few hours . If you're using super glue , I dont think you hve to wait long :3

Ja-jaaaang ~ ;D
And they're DONE !!! 
Ready for wear !! ;D 

BUT !!!!
It's not finished yet until I wore them out to test if they're sturdy ;D 

So .. here you are ;D wore them out for whole day long and they didnt budge xD
(camwhore alert!)

At the same time , My OOTD , FOTD and LOTD (lens of the day ) too wahahaha !!!
I went to Robinson Quay's Ramen Daikokuya to further my Ramen Conquest btw , but I'll talk about it in another post because I really am very tired already as of now wahahaha ^^" 

If you're wondering what's that on my right cheek , its a micropore tape lah 
(kinda like plaster :3 ) I have a wound there and have to cover it until next wednesday :((( 

Vanity alert :
saw this barrel and whipped out my phone immediately when I realized I havent taken any OOTD that day , then asked my friend to help me take . My friend was already sighing wahahahaha xD

Advantage : 
- fun and easy to make :3
- you can make various size, shape , and colours of bone 
(albeit matte colours , but you can always layer them with polish/paint to colour them ;D)
-they're very light , not heavy at all ;D 
- pretty sturdy . 
Wore them out the whole day and readjusted them multiple times cause of the storm (and my short stature means people keep on brushing again my hairpin on crowded bus etc =[]=!!!! ) YET they didnt break etc xD 

- Not water resistant . 
You may want to try layering it with nail polish etc to make it more water resistant , but I didnt because I want to attain their clayish texture (which kinda resembles bone) 
- They are not hard but rather on the spongy side :3 so you may not want to handle them roughly 

That's all folks ;D 
Hope this helps ;D


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