Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ramen - Ramen Daikokuya Dining ❤ Robertson Quay

Went to Ramen Daikokuya to eat Ramen
because they have this promotion *below* 

Apparently its some Top Ramen chef's creation and Ee-chan was bragging about how he ate this master's Ramen when he was in Japan before and he had to queue for soo long just to get in !

Listening to his story about the ramen while eating my sad sad dinner was like this :

So we decided to go for it during the weekend, 
and , 
without further ado :
here you are !!

Ramen Daikokuya

Interior's  cosy and nice !!  :3 

Ultraman and Godzilla wahahahahaha!!! xD

While waiting for ramen to arrive , snap tissue's picture wahahaha xD

THIS below, is the ramen we were served !!!
So lets just jump into this post's "meat" - the ramen's review ;D

The soup 
Clear and mild , with a pretty strong prawn flavour :3
I've never eaten a prawn based ramen soup before O.o so this is a pretty pleasant surprise since I love prawn !! (♥ó㉨ò)ノ♡ If you're not a fan of prawn (like Ee-chan :P ) the soup may be too overpowering tho (/(エ)\)

Bamboo shoots
Their bamboo shoots are pretty nice too :D 
The usual nice ramen place's normal bamboo shoot ((ミ´ω`ミ))

They gave us 2 toppings : chicken fillet and cha shu *below* 

The chicken is tender and nice , but I still prefer my cha shu xD 

〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

I have no qualms about this xD the chewy texture is just nice 
( although I hope they gave me more :P , I eat a lot OTL...)

Ee-chan  and I ordered 2 more extra dishes !!! 

Agedashi Tofu 
which we finished till the last piece before I realized that I hasnt taken any picture of them TAT .. 
ヾ(-_- )ゞ

and Mentaiko Gyoza :D 
Love the gyoza, not enough mentaiko (according to my own tastes ^^) , and the first time round, they actually sent us a charred gyoza. Good that the manager is a sensible person. When we pointed it out and requested to change 3 out of the 6  charred gyoza on our plate (the 3 are charred too but not so bad so we're "ok" with it) , he offered to change the whole plate !! :3 !!

Overall, the place has a very nice vibe to it and the staff are very attentive and friendly . However, taste-wise, I still prefer Gantetsu (for now , I still have a "crush" on the ramen and the ramen master wahahahaha xD) - cha shu wise, no store so far can defeat Marutama's side dish cha shu ;;;TnT;;;  

The bill came up to about $33 for us 
[2 ramen , gyoza, and agedashi tofu]
because we used groupon for the ramen :3

The location is not easy to find :((
we actually walked around fr 20+ minutes before finally ending up in the correct location OTL... So people, if you're planning to eat here, dont be shy to ask the other shops' staff along Robertson Quay about the position of this shop, else, you may find it a bit difficult to find :3 

Daikokuya Ramen Dining 
30 Robertson Quay 
#01-05 Riverside Village Residences

Tel : +65 6737 1521

That's all for today folks ~~ 


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