Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Diary Entry ~ ❤

Hahaha , so basically I'm kinda running out of stuff to post today since I'm pretty occupied this week xD . LOL, if you have noticed, I joined this challenge Kelly  initiated 

and am pretty much dying now ^^"" hope the next few days are less busy so I can contribute more effort to upcoming posts :3 

A few days ago , I went to Liang Court's  Meidi-ya while testing the DIY bone hair clip ;D
Couldnt resist taking pictures of these xD

Giant Kikkoman! wahahaha 
(call me childish xD but yes, I am amused and entertained )

Giant QP mayonnaise !! xD

basically I'm out to buy some of this week's groceries :3

That day's OOTD
I think I posted this 2-3 times already OTL....

got the denim jacket at $8 
Inner white babydoll dress at $18 (branded one, on sale xD)
Straw Bag a gift from japan 
Socks from DAISO xD 
Shoes from Bugis at $10, I DIY-ed and add laces to make it look nicer :3 

ThenI went out to eat orange and blueberry scones at Cedele :3 
Yumz !!

you must be so bored of seing me in the same photo by now hahahaha^^"" 
sorry sorry OTL..

sorry for the uber short update today >,< 
Will make  more time to post more stuff tomorrow and the day after :D 
*currently editing my PS post so it should be up in the next few days ^^*




  1. Ah. Nice to see that I'm not the only one who has hard time with that blog challenge~ ^__^;;

    That outfit is lovely~<3

    1. Thank you Puolukka~ <3
      Hahaha , I think many people are racking their heads with what to post now heheheee~ lets do our best !! ;D