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Now that I've caught you girls' attention , feel free to scrool down muahahahaha !!

Yes, Yes, I'm going to talk about Discount at JRunway !! ;D 
(shall explain about it at the bottom of the post, so if you want you can scroll down directly hahahaha^^ But I'm going to explain some things about JRnway first !!) 

Thinking of going Harajuku/Shibuya-Style? But you find it difficult to hunt for "Harajuku-Shibuya-ish" clothing in Singapore ? Have to go through different shops to find that particular clothes that evoke your Japanese fashion style ?

Fret not about the ease of shopping  anymore ;D
  Now you can shop at ease, at JRunway ;D !!!

(official picture from J-Runway's FB page)

Many of you must have read about my visit to JRunway before with Shizu-chan ;D

J-Runway is located at Plaza Singapura's new wing , and if you havent paid them a visit , you may want to drop by to take a look . I had been rejoicing since JRunway first set its foot in Singapore a few months back and am still loving it ;D 
Why , you ask? 4 reasons.

1. They have lots of Japanese based brands !!! 

If you're more into Mode and mainstream fashion, you will like EMODA !! ;D
EMODA is the brand Cheesie loves !! You can read it here 

(official picture from J-Runway's FB page)

But if you're into Japanese subculture like I do , 
you're going to be ecstatic at these brands below !!!! xD 
PUTUMAYO , whose ambassador is none other than the super kawaiii Misaki Aoki !!! ;D

(official picture from J-Runway's FB page)

and ALGONQUINS !! They have very nice gothic-punk-visual kei or kuro-loli clothings which yo'll absolutely love !!! xD 

(official picture from J-Runway's FB page)

and many other brands !!

2. They have stylish staff (clearly pretty experienced stylists themselves ;)) who can help you in finding the right apparel ;D 
witness for yourself ;D
(official picture from J-Runway's FB page)

3. They dont only have clothes, but accessories and Make up as well !! xD

our holy grail of tsukemas !!!
the faved and famed Dolly Wink by Tsubasa Masuwaka and KOJI !! :D!

(official picture from J-Runway's FB page)

Sweet Sweet Kawaii Brigitte !!
I always always love their elegant packaging xD

(official picture from J-Runway's FB page)

accessories galore ~~

(official picture from J-Runway's FB page)

4. They arrange special events for their shoppers ;D 

you may recognize our uber kawaii local bloggers here ;D (Kelly-chan , Golly-chan and Wendy-chan !!!)
(official picture from J-Runway's FB page)

So, you actually went down to the shop BUT !! 

"The price is a bit expensive for me.... :'((
It will be good if they have discount TnT"


why ? 
Because, they DO !! ;D

Yess!! JRunway is giving away $10 vouchers , and all you need to do is basically just show the staff counter the picture above (save the image now~~ ;D) !!! Its valid till 30th April , so hurry up !! :D One voucher can only be used for one purchase (one receipt ) so you can actually buy stuff separately and get many discounts by flashing the vouchers at different purchases ;D!  (me being cheapo to the max... paiseh paiseh OTL ^^"" heheheee) 

You can actually buy Dolly Wink  and get $10 discount on that !!! O[]O!!!!
Sooo worth it right !!?? xD 

Some of my Dolly Wink collection xD !!! *review here*

And just to add on and close this post :

if you liked JRunway's FB page , you might have seen this banner below;D

(official picture from J-Runway's FB page)

So what is this about ?

(official picture from J-Runway's FB page)

If you're following my fb page, you might have seen this

Yes, Initially I thought one need to spend $100 to be entitled to 1 vote. 
Apparently its NOT !!!

 Its $1-$100!! 

and the $10 voucher right, 

so even if you buy like $1-5 worth of stuff , 
you CAN VOTE !! ヾ(@^∇^@)ノ 

So, if you happen to shop at JRunway (teehee ^^") and you happen to like my picture, 
feel free to support me and cast me a VOTE leh kays  (ノ≧∀≦)ノ !!! 
(shamelessly asking WAHAHAHAHA)

;D Will really realllllyyyy appreciate every single one of your vote since I have not many friends who are as in love with Japanese fashion as I do (so I'm appealing to you girls and guys Japanese fashionista !!!)

here below is my submitted picture : ヘ( ̄ω ̄ヘ)
 I'm contestant No.92 !!!
(official picture from J-Runway's FB page)

Yep ;3 used my Jyoshi Kousei photoshoot picture for this ;D

That's all for today~~ Praying for your support !! xD 
Arigato in advance and Love you guys so so much !! :D 



  1. hahaha good luck on this contest!
    but i;m sure people can definitely notice your on entry on the voting wall one!
    hahahaha... so cuteee!!

    1. Hahahaha I hope so too >,< praying hard ~
      LOL, having the epitome of cuteness call me cute (*flattered ttm* xD !!0

      Arigato~ xD