Wednesday, April 3, 2013

DAISO haul & Lipbalm review

Hey ho~~~

Went to DAISO this weekend and bought some stuff , anyway , here are what may be interesting - the rest are stuff like clothes  hanger and snacks ;P 

I bought :
1. A Preppy Ribbon headband 
hahahaha $2 for this is pretty cheap ^^ granted they sold it as party accessories, I see it as   my normal accessories :P The thread securing the ribbon to the headband can be cut too , so that the ribbon can be slid through the headband , creating a sideway ribbon ;D

2. Hello Kitty Lens casing 
(bought the pink one last time - pink one seem to be OOS now D:
which is pretty sad, as it is prettier than the red one I think)

Here is the pink one 
much prettier right ? D:

3. Princess Pink Lip Balm 
now, I NEVER bought skincare/cosmetics (other than falsies) from DAISO before, but I am in a tight budget and I need a lipbalm , so I glanced at the ingredients and it seems like they're normal lipbalm material , so I bought this to try it out 川´・ω・`川

This is made in TAIWAN 

Honestly , there were 2 types of lipbalm sold in DAISO , but the other type contains paraffin ~_~ and somehow (this is baseless kay , I've NOT done my research ) after reading about the effects of paraffin implants on breasts (YEA breasts , NOT LIPS okay! ^^"" hehehehe) I became a bit of a paranoid parrot and decided to go with this la 
(the ingredients are about the same as the one of other brands I've used - which are reliable brands :3) 

and voila~

The pictures doesnt really 100% capture it lah but basically here is the review : 

1. Colour 
It is a pinkish colour indeed - a very glossy one . It is kinda reflective under bright light but it does give your lips some colour (sorry I failed to capture that ~_~ the reflective nature of the colour kinda makes capturing it difficult) .Also , it smell SWEET and nice ~<3

2. Moisturizing 
Definitely yes , although a bit sticky (it is as sticky as Dolly Wink /Majolica lipglosses though , so basically its not a major problem at all) 

3. Will it buy it again ? 
Probably yes ? Seeing its okay so far . Its pretty comparable to most lipbalm out there except for the fact that the stick isnt as firm as other lipbalms I've used, so you may want to be a bit careful when using - it not to break it.

Thats all , 
hope it has been useful 


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