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Ramen - Menya Mushashi ❤ Star Vista

I'm going to blog about Ramen today :D
Because of my love of Ramen , I've decided I should blog more about Ramen ;D

I also compiled my Ramen blog posts on the bottom of the left panel of my blog ;D


After my exam last friday , my friends and I decided to go to Star Vista near our school to have dinner :3 We ended up at Menya Mushashi RAMEEEEEN! xD (Ramen yaaay!!!) xD

"Named after a legendary Samurai, Miyamoto Musashi, who was famed for his double sword style, the award winning Menya Musashi has become a household name in Japan since making its debut in 1996. Credited as the pioneer of a new ramen culture in Japan, they strive to bring new experiences to customers through their revolutionary Ramen. Featuring a creamier soup base than most ramen, it comes in white, red and black versions. The signature white tonkotsu broth is made with a mixture of pork bones and fish paste, the latter providing a whisper of sweetness at the back of each mouthful."

Here is the menu if you're curious :D
*pictures from menya musashi's website :3*

M-san ordered a Black Cha Shu ramen :3 

He had gyoza with the ramen as a set T_T but I forgot to take pictures
 because we were so busy talking T_T

I did take note of my set though :3
I had the "Cha Shu Tsukemen" with the option of red soup  ;3
I had this mainly because I want to compare this to the previous tsukemen that I had 

the red soup is chilli based, the white based soup is an original without any addition while the black soup is Garlic based :3

- The soup - 
I love the soup!!! Very fragrant , rich and thick. Its not too overpowering nor too weak and the spiciness is just nice - it is the kind of spicy that is not spicy on the tongue but spicy on the throat (ノ≧∀≦)ノ ~

-The Noodle-
Noodle is nice :3 chewy texture , very full bodied :3 love it !

-The toppings -
hahaha , gomen I didnt take individual pictures of it ^^" but basically :
The bamboo shoot struips are nice ! Nicer than the one from Daikokuya :D !! The CHa Shu strips are awesome too!! (I still feel that I have to stress that even now , marutama's side dish cha shu is still the best for me T_T) but this cha shu is really decent! Its nice, with a thin layer of fats that just melts in your mouth!! xD  The ramen egg is delish too !!

I had a great time here when I came to eat Akihabara Caree Ramen (the had a promotion last time , itis no longer on the menu i think, but I'm not sure :(   ). Menya Musashi is a good place to have ramen !! :3 
Very nice experience so far. Good service too. 


 1 Vista Green Exchange
#B1-08, The Star Vista
Singapore 138617
Tel: 6694 2515

Operating Hours (Daily):
11:30am – 10:00pm

Hope this helps ;D


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