Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Random Weekend : Agricola @ Settlers Cafe & Tokyo Mode Addict's Giveaway ~ ❤ ❤

Heya Minna-san~~
am supposed to publish this last week but forgot hahaha ^^""

cute cat headband

I have a photoshoot tomorrow so I'm a bit lazy today and have to let my eyes rest ... 
so I decided not to wear lenses hahaha ^^" (thus presenting to you my small eyes ! ^^"") wore my pearl cat headband out today ~~
loving it ~ <3

If you've read my blog post about Tokyo Mode Addict's giveaway before, I actually won it !!   xD  And I was sooo excited when I got it in my package !!! The items are : 


Thank you very much for Yukie-san for the giveaway~~
 I was reallly excited to received the items xD especially the Liz Lisa Mirror !!!
 It's sooo cute !!!! Really loving it !!!

On a random note~~ ;P
I went to a board game Cafe today  ^^
It was located near Clarke Quay MRT and it was called "Settlers Cafe"

The address is 
39 North Canal Rd
Singapore 059295
if you're interested that is :3

I went with ee-chan and some of our friends , and since my board game experience is limited to Shadow Hunters and UNO (muahahaha ^^"") , naturally, they choose the game .
They settled on Agricola (which apparently is very famous O.o ) 

But ... I was losing faith in it after 30 minutes and we're still figuring out HOW TO PLAY the game... !! =_="" = The game is difficult to understand :( and its a bit complicated if you have no one to guide you along ... 

The good thing is ,  once you get the gist of it and learned how to play , it IS actually a pretty FUN game to play :D (Basically you kinda play 2 people who must use whatever resources they have to build a farm and expand their resources and family members ) 

So that's it for today ~~ :D 
A Random post ! ^^ 


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  1. Congrats on winning the giveaway! \o/

    Yes Agricola is awesome :DD