Friday, June 7, 2013

The remnants of the Hungary PS pictures :3 ❤ 1/2 ❤

Yea , hahaha , 
so as the title suggests, I got some of the remnants of the Hungary PS pictures today ~~ :3 ❤

My surgery scar is flattening out , but not flat enough yet for it to be 100% concealable with concealer =[]= ... for now, its about 50%... I really hope by July it will be much much flatter TAT;;; *sadlife* 

So for now , I am putting down cosing for a while until I can prance around and bask under sunlight  without this tape =_= because I cant expose the scar to UV light , as said by the doctor... OTL...

Filling my days with crazy hectic schedule, I cant cos much too anyway TAT;;; so ... I'll make do with occupying myself with other things for now... 

Without further adue or sprouting of my nonsense ^^ hehehe...
 here they are : 

I love the Background in this one~ ❤

 This picture was actually taken when I was pretty unprepared ^^"
I was actually .. still holding my vivienne westwood shopping bag if you notice ^^"" hahaha
so I'm not gg to up this on worldcos or devart lah ... ^^"" ehehe...

 a bit too bright~ but I really love the brick fence background too~ xD

Thats all for now hehehe~~ 

I'll try to update more with my hectice review now ~~ 
Maybe once every few days TAT ;;;

I dont think I can keep up with the Daily Blog Challenge anymore now that school is starting for me in 2 weeks :(((( Even getting the time to blog will be pure luck xD ~~ 

Wish me the best will you?

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