Thursday, June 13, 2013

Outing with Ole Friends ~ (✿◠‿◠)



This past Saturday , I finally had some time to go out with some of my very old friends (since Secondary 3  !! One of them Sec 1 even !! ^^" ) Initially we planned to eat Ramen but I was late QnQ;;; and they decided to eat Ayam Penyet Ria instead :3 so we went there instead ;D 

 @ Lucky Plaza's Ayam Penyet Ria 

our group of 4 ;D 

After that hor , Wen , the pretty lady in yellow there decided she's full but soooomehow still can go for more lehh *wink wink , her stomach can fit so much but still stay slim one xD *  (maybe she's gonna murder me for writing that down WUAHAHAHA xD ) 

so we ended up here ;D 

@ Dhoby Ghaut's Canele 


for some Macarons !! xD 
from 12 o'clock position, clockwise , is Chocolatre Noir , Strawberry , some "Filleutine" thingie (forgot how to spell :P ) with hazelnut , and Cookies and Cream :3 

Hogged the seat to talk LOL xD 
Thanks to the kind waiter who helped us take picture xD !!

We knew each other since sec 1 lololollllz xD

and camwhore ... 
gosh !!! the difference in quality between front and back camera TAT 
I want the casio camera now TAT

then onelast picture before we part ways again :3

 It was really fun catching up with them ^^""" during the forced gossip  htht (heart to heart talk ) session, found out how Wen got confessed too :P tee heee~~~ <3 Hopefully I'll be better in studying so I can have more time to go out and meet up with you girls again soon TAT;;; 

aaaand~~going home wasted and tired ~~~ 


so last camwhore picture with me filled with vanity to the brim !!
wuahahaha ! 
(because starting next week , I can only go out with gyaru make up at most once a week TAT;;; school starting haixx... )


Ah !
and also , 
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