Sunday, June 9, 2013

End of Blogger Daily Blog Challenge :'( - and a litlle bit of emo rant okay~~ ? ;P


as you may have noticed, ^^"""

these past few weeks , I havent been able to meet up with the "quota"  of one post per day , mainly because : 
1. I was abroad and the internet is painfully slow while I was there 
2. After I came back, I as terribly busy catching up with stuff 

and since 

3. I am starting school now , and I wont have much time anymore to blog (maybe once per week unless you want me to post totally random, short kinda-pointless posts 7-days-a-week  ^^"" hahaha ) 

So I've decided to end the challenge since I cant meet the quota anymore  hahaha ^^ 

It has been a really fun and fruitful challenge which pushed me to make more efficient use of part of my vacation break :3 Hopefully I will be able to blog once a week during term time for now because I foresee that it is going to be a little bit difficult with my priority clearly being school :D ~ <3 

Anyway , I intially thought to greatly limit my blogging to 2 years of my university life because as I've expected , this third year is going to be hellish for me and it will only go downhill from now on in terms of free time , 

But sometime around a few months ago , I've decided that I'll still continue to blog regardless what  !!! ^^ and as I've probably mentioned, I treat this as a public version of my diary , so this is where I list most of my experience , rants , useless random stuff and I shall continue to do so :3 , despite the very careful time-tweaking and management and months of sleep deprivation that I foresee will come ^^" and some moments where some of my school friends wont be supportive of this anymore (because I have seen signs :'(   ) ... I apologize for the emo bit T_T 

 I'll continue , because 
Not YOLO as in let's drive at over 9000 mph at highway and do a motorcycle somersault because YOLO and YODO (you only die once) !!!!  Rather , because "YOLO , so why not make the most out of it ? " I have loved blogging so far ^^ 2.5 years ago, I stepped out of my comfort zone and ventured out to what has interested me for what seem like a freaking long time - cosplay , fashion, and make up - regardless of my friends etc comments , the initial protests and resistances I received ,  etc and I have been loving it so far !!! :D  Some of my friends who viewed cosplay as a "weird" thing have even started to accept that part of me :3 PLUS !!

I have learned to be more confident if anything at all ^^  

I have met many many awesome friends/seniors via so many events and friends ;D  

I have managed to tick some of my bucket lists because of 
1. some very fortunate turn of events , and 
2. some very awesome friends who have allowed those events to turn out just nice~  

so , 
I'll continue to bombard the world with my rants and nonsensical randomness :P 


Updated weekly at least that is !!! *crosses fingers* ^^ eheheheee~~ 

Oh yes !
And also , 
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