Saturday, June 22, 2013

Review ❤ Dolly Wink Eyeliner ❤ Brown ~ ❤

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as promised , weekly post

Today , I'm going to review one of the eyeliners that I've been wanting to try for quite some time ~

Dolly Wink Eyeliner in  ❤  Brown  ❤  

Side by side with the Black eyeliner 
which is still in its old packaging ;D 

The two eyeliners side by side ~ 

Colour ?
Great ! Solid and very smooth ~ :3 although not as solid as the black liner's

Applicator ?
Applicator is delicately thin and makes it veeery easy to apply ;D !!

Water Resistance ?
Yes :3 tried flushing them with hot water and the lines doesnt budge !!

Rub Resistance ?
Yes :3 !!! Suprisingly only budge a little even with rubbing ! But make sure to wait they dry properly first before rubbing !!

Dry Immediately after application ?
No :(  One of the sad drawback of this product is they doesnt dry immediately after application , meaning you have to fan them for a while or just apply a little bit , which makes Maybelline's HyperLiner still my No.01 liner for now because they dry fast and is much quicker and less hassle-prone to apply which in Dolly Wink's case means they may smudge because they didnt dry sufficiently yet when I blinked my eyes. What I like to do now is 
1. apply maybelline HyperLiner , because they dry faster 
2. top up a little bit, not too much, with Dolly Wink , because I prefer their their more solid colours 

Easy to remove even with water-based make up remover ?
Yes !

Overall , I love the brown colour but I still lament about the fact that it doesnt dry fast >,<;;
Compromise I guess , so I'll use this although it doesnt dry fast just because the colour is pretty nice >,<

Hope this helps :3

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