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Going crazy racking your brain over Maths ? Try ☆ Uber Mathematics ☆ ;D


Kyahoo~~ I'm going to write about Maths tuition today~ ;D
(and I'm going to use my 女子高生-Joshi Kousei photoshoot pictures here because its "school themed" heheheee~~ ) :3

Have you ever find racking your brain over Mathematics such a torture ? ;D Want to look for experienced tutors but you're worried that you may not find the right tutor who will be able to enlighten you on the topic? 

You may want to take a look at this one ;D 

" Understanding is Key - Practice,Practice and Practice "
Uber Mathematics approached me a while ago to introduce them and I'm pretty intrigued and excited after I took a look of their website :3

Basically, they are : 
- a tuition centre specializing in Mathematics (PSLE, Os, As, SIM-UOL etc)

However , they also offer All other subjects when needed :3

I wasnt exactly good nor bad with Mathematics ^^" It wasnt my favorite subject , but I didnt particularly hate it either (until I was in JC2 hahaha^^" ) and I managed to score pretty well last time. Reading Uber Mathematics' philosophy , I cant agree more with them , that "Understanding is Key - Practice, Practice and Practice " --> yes , the FIRST thing that I find  critical in being able to solve mathematics question is UNDERSTANDING , and then COUNTLESS PRACTICE ! However , many of us do not have teachers who are good enough at explaining to us at school and may need tutors :3 . Here is where Uber Mathematics may come useful :3 Look at their profile below ~! 

Über Mathematics - Edify (improve) Celestial Calculus

Über Educator
Mr. Teo, Experienced Maths Tutor
Specialized in A&E Mathematics
Taught in various tuition & enrichment centres
Students orientated approach

If you already feel challenged by Maths , of course you will want an Experienced Tutor to teach you, not someone who may understand maths but is not necessarily good in teaching ( I understand this because I've had my fair share of school teacher who are actually good in Maths but totally can NOT explain a topic at all =_="" leaving us mostly CONFUSED during lessons....haixx~~ ) 

Über Rates

-  No administrative/deposit fee

SGD $120 per month of 4 x 1 hour 30 minutes (Primary Four & below)
SGD $140 per month of 4 x 1 hour 30 minutes (Primary Five & Six)
SGD $140 per month of 4 x 1 hour 30 minutes (Secondary One & Two)
SGD $160 per month of 4 x 1 hour 30 minutes (Secondary Three & Four)
SGD $180 per month of 4 x 1 hour 30 minutes (Junior College One & Two)

The rates are actually pretty reasonable :3 coming up to $30 per hour for JC1 and 2 . Even Undergraduates who part-time as tutors demand such costs nowadays :P

Über Key Features
-  Free usage of writing paper & calculators
-  Free 8Gb Thumb drive consisting of 5Gb worth of exam papers 
(Varying from Primary to Junior Colleges) 
-  Self - made materials

Now, finally~~ a tutor who even provides endless practice materials so you can improve yourself even outside tutoring hours without having to bother sourcing for the materials yourself ! :D xD !!!!!

-  One to one consultation in between classes (subject to availability)

-  Whatsapp Problem Solving Groups

and Wohoo~ a whatsapp chat to ask about problems you're dying to solve  !!!

And There's even more to them !!

  • One FREE Trial Maths Group Tuition is available
  • June Holiday 2013 Intensive Workshops are available 
  • Group Tuition Classes will be held @ City Square Mall, #06-08. Writing paper and calculators will be provided. 

So ,Uber Mathematics actually have Affordable Rates and an Accessible Location - City Square Mall ~!!! A very desirable combo in my opinion :3

If you would like to know more about them, feel free to visit them at :3 They have most of the information you will need to know there ;D 

You can also contact them at :
email                        : 
Call/SMS/WhatsApp : +65 8259 8426
 if you require more immediate reply though ;D 

That's all for today~~ 
Ciao and All The Best for Maths and the upcoming exam ~~ ;D 

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