Sunday, June 30, 2013

✿ Baby Veil ✿ ~ Hair Fragrance Review ✿ (✿◠‿◠)


today , I'm going to review about this one product I've been using for a while :D 

✿ Baby Veil ✿ ~ Hair Fragrance ~ ✿

I got this on a discount for  about $7 ? I think the actual price is about $10-$15 :3 

My verdict : 
Love ~
The fragrance ~
I'm one of those who easily got nauseated by perfumes but this one is pretty subtle :3  Still, dont spray too much !!Else, regardless of any kind of scented items , everything will make you  nauseated if you're like me :( 

Spray ~ 
I dont like applyng sticky wax or spray which makes my hair lumpy/hard and this doesnt feel sticky , doesnt makes my hair lumpy and is easy to apply anytime ;D

Doesnt quite like ~
The full price tag :( which is above $10 , but for working adults I guess this will be fine :3 

Overall I love this Baby Veil fragrance , which i find especially useful when I am outside on a hot sweltering/sunny day and my scalp starting sweating ugh !!! =_=""" Its a good pick me up after a long day at work too ;3 

Hope this is useful :D


if you're looking for some apparels, 
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