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Review ❤ Dolly Wink Eyeliner ❤ Black ~ ❤ vs Maybelline HyperSharp Liner

Heyaa~~ (●´∀`●)

Today , I'm going to review two eyeliners that I've been using for quite some time ~
Basically,these 2 are my current favorite so far! ;D 
Since I've been in love with Dolly Wink , 
I think you know which brand is the first eyeliner from .. ^^ 

The first one is....

Dolly Wink Eyeliner in  ❤  Black  ❤  


Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner (Black)

Side by side , with Dolly Wink eyeliner still in its old packaging design :3

The applicator tip ~

Upon Application~ :3

So, my personal verdict is...

Colour ?
Dolly Wink has more solid , shiny colour while Maybelline is more matte but not as solid :( Colour wise, I prefer Dolly Wink

Applicator ?
Maybelline wins here as you can see :3
I actually expected Dolly Wink to win but somehow even after a second try , my Maybelline drew thinner lines :3

Water Resistance ?
both works awesomely well even under hot water 

Rub Resistance ?
Dolly wink works better than Maybelline in my case !!! However, Maybelline  budge only a little even with rubbing ! As for Dolly Wink , make sure to wait they dry properly first before rubbing !!After it dries , its pretty long lasting :3

Dry Immediately after application ?
Dolly Wink - No :(  One of the sad drawback of this product is they doesnt dry immediately after application , meaning you have to fan them for a while or just apply a little bit , which makes Maybelline's HyperLiner still my No.01 liner for now because they dry fast and is much quicker and less hassle-prone to apply which in Dolly Wink's case means they may smudge because they didnt dry sufficiently yet when I blinked my eyes. 

Easy to remove even with water-based make up remover ?
Yes for both ! :D 

So far , what I like to do is
1. apply maybelline HyperLiner , because they dry faster and are slightly "neater"
2. top up a little bit, not too much, with Dolly Wink

This is purely my preference and other people may prefer other ways ^^ 
And for me, the reason I did that after some trials and errors is because I feel that Dolly Wink has more solid , shiny colour while Maybelline is more matte but not as solid :( Colour wise, I prefer Dolly Wink so I usually use Maybelline first because of the application ease and faster drying time, then top it up with DW for the depth of colour :3

My qualms about these eyeliners are that they're costly :( I have yet found a more affordable line of eyeliner which is good so far. I guess that's just the price we have to pay for a decent eyeliner ^^" 

this is all for today about my favorite eyeliner ^^ 
Hope this helps :3

 if you're interested  , Dolly Wink also have an eyeliner in Brown(which I've reviewed  *here* ):3

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