Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thank you for 400 likes ❤ & Dip & Roll GSS PROMOTION till 30th JUNE!!


Hope you havent forgotten me yet since I returned to my weekly/biweekly posting schedule^^

Anyway , as you have guessed, the purpose of today's short post is :

To thank all of you guys who have followed me on my facebook page such that it managed to reach 400 likes xD 

The picture above was taken when I visited MinnaCon last week ^^ 

So just to note down a personal diary entry T_T ...

1. I have been very busy with internship/unpaid work for JUST 2 weeks now , 
and yet , it felt like 2 months already !!!
My usual days now consist of waking up at 6-630 a.m and going to bed between 1-2am every day ... gosh ... I am going to suffer from chronic sleep deprivation soon QAQ;;;

2. COSMO parade is still ON because of the improving haze conditions, so 

3. I did a small photoshoot with Ee-chan during MinnaCon last week, so I'm waiting for some free time to sit in front of my pc and wait for the photos to load hahahaha xD  (have been so busy lately I actually havent had the time to see the photos TAT) 

So... that's all I guess....

All I did these 2 weeks were :




And stayed up in front of my computer every night to work T_T;;;
because I usually fell asleep for 1-2 hours the moment I stepped into my room at 7pm TAT

I now do NOT understand how my seniors are able to cope with so much readings to do , 
tons of work to finish , going to internship feeling so so so stupid everyday because there will always be new things to learn every single day of work TAT

But, I guess, the right attitude to face this is 

Yup T_T 
Just have to fight on and bear with it !! 

I have to study harder, so I can earn some free tme for cosmo, cosfest , stgcc and icds :3 
Ganbarimasu !!!!

I will do my best ~ 

Anyway , in this post, I would also like to introduce to you a new blogshop which actually have quite a lot of cute pastel harajuku-ish items on their rack !! ;D 

For Retail Therapy ~ Retail Therapy ~ HAHAHAHA ~  ❤

and why am I introducing them now ? Because :


YES !! 


They're having a 10-20% OFF GSS Promotion UNTIL 30 JUNE ! 
Which is 3 days away !! QAQ !!! 

I have seen some of their choices and boy, they do remind of japanese fashion :3 !!
They have good selection you see ~ ;D

from cute-sy

to punkish !!

from formal-casual, suitable for work

to Harajuku ❤ -ish , ready to hit the streets ;D 

I am eyeing this skirt in particular hahaha xD 

They also have this very cute Hello Kitty Bag , I mean , look at this cutie ~!!! xD

And if you love suspenders (which is all the rage now ^^") and pastels !!! xD 

For those of you who prefer to browse your selection on the rack ,
 you can find their collection at Far East Plaza's Blogshop Empire !
They have a retail rack there !!

Do check them out at :

They have some giveaways going on too in relation to their Collection 9th's launch ! and guess what they're giving off ? ;D


*recycled picture*
( Why am I sharing this giveaway with you guys ? I should have allowed less people to participate in the giveaway so my chance of winning that SUPER CUTE bag  is higher hor ? hahahaha anyway shhhh .,... shhh... dont tell anyone about what I said kay ^^ just kidding , just kidding xD hahahaha)

anyway yea, so you can join the giveaway here on their facebook :3
just the usual stuff ;D 
like, share ,comment , 

and you have a chance to win the cutie bag ! ;D 

I guess that's all that I can write for today TAT;; 
still have to prepare and finish my work for tomorrow :(( 

Hope the info above is useful for you~~~ (♥ó㉨ò)ノ♡

and also , 
If you decide to drop by Vellus Hair Studio to pamper your hair , remember to claim your Free Bottle of Essential Oils k ;D 


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