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Photoshoot ❤ Dip and Roll ❤ Cute, Sweet & Harajuku ~ ❤ 20%OFF!!!

Hello people~~~ 

if you're watching my fb page, maybe you'd recognize  some of the pictures below ^^ hahaha , anyway , I had a very rushed and last minute photoshoot scheduled last saturday :D 

DipnRoll had kindly sponsored me 3 of the outfits I used for the photoshoot :) 

You may be wondering 

"what's this ? a shop?"

They're a blogshop with infusion of kawaii , baby rock/punkish , AND semi-casual style all included in their catalogue ;D I blogged about them once before *here* . If you're interested, you  can take a look at their catalogue here !! 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

And if you're keen on getting their very cute apparels, links are provided below too ;D (just click on the item title ヘ( ̄ω ̄ヘ) )

And oh ya , to make this more challenging ;D I attempted these 3 styles by adding the 3 different apparels to ONE (1) similar base (simple white) dress !! So yea , I technically just slipped out of  apparel 1  with my white dress below and just slipped in apparel 2 on top of my white dress ;D !!! This is to show how the 3 different apparel can allow you to create 3 different styles even with a simple base dress !!!! xD 

The theme is mainly casual (with a little bit or Mori-girl style and Harajuku style infused :3 to make it more 'wearable' in Singapore where the public's tolerance to Harajuku style is a bit ... ^^"" hehehee~~~ I kinda took off lost of accessories I don OTL... thank you for my friends who have helped me point out which accessories I shouldnt add as they may be way too glaring for SG's fashion tolerance T_T;;;; ) 

So, without further ado, here are the photoshoot results :D !!!

Item 01. Knitted Cream Cradigan

Code :   C0912
Price : $26
Size : 21'ptp, 23.5'down

For this , I try to put in a liiiitle bit of .....

Mori-girl style ~ ❤

the front view

the sleeves~~

and for the next one ~~~`

 Item 02. Hello Kitty Tee

Code : C705
Price : $22
Size : 17'ptp,  22'down

tried to add  a feel of Harajuku's Decora/Decoren ~ ❤

I had such a terrible time climbing the kiddy playground slide xD !!
Kept sliding down OTL..

Hello Kitty ~ xD

aaaand , the last one xD which is my favorite as well xD

Code : C0905- 
Price : $26
Size :  13.5'waist, 30'down, adjustable at the side

a Sweet Baby Street Style~ ❤

the side buckle's view!!
I really love these buckles xD very stylish xD

the backview of this cute dress~

Quite cute right ? xD 
so if you're interested, here are their info again :D 

Instagram @dipandroll
Far east plaza, Blogshop empire #01-102 

For my readers, they'd kindly offered a

20% off total bill 
$2 blogshop empire voucher !!!

YES !! 
If you prefer to browse through your apparels on the stores, they DO have a rack at 

Far east plaza, Blogshop empire #01-102 

The crochet jacket and denim dress that I'd chosen are also from their latest Collection 9 as shown below ;D 

Aaaah ! Really coveting the very cute Hello kitty Bag xD  
So very cute !!!

and they are having a giveaway too~ 
this is the 2nd time Im announcing this, so my chances of winning this is less now hahaha ^^'""""""

Hahahaha !! So that's it ;D I really enjoyed the super fun albeit rushed photoshoot xD Am reaaaallly really thankful that Ee-chan actually agreed to soldier through the heat and rushed schedule with me in order for this mini-photoshoot to be done :3 Very happy to be able to gain some more casual shoot experience~!! EXP point uppps !!! xD !!!

Meanwhile, hope I've managed to intro a good source of retail therapy for you girls ;D ~~


and also , 
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