Friday, July 12, 2013

Did you go to MinnaCon ? (✪㉨✪)

Hello , so yea, as the title suggested ;D
Did you guys go to MinnaCON? 

I know this is a bit too late but , hahaha , I went there because Its the first cos event hosted by NUS !!
and for that , kudos goes to them as it is a job well done indeed :D

As the first con event, they have the basics set up well . The venue is accessible and cosy . Grassy outdoors at Utown provides a good photoshoot background . What's most unfortunate is probably.. the haze =_="""" 

But besides those, they've got it right :3 

  Behold the booths ~ :D

This is an awesome artist's booth ! OxO !


Some cute shingekyo goods ~~ ;D

The Home Team's Booth !! xD Yaaay ~

then you have some more cute comical stuff ;D 

Pika Pika Meido Cafe was there too ~~ xD

and Toki Doki meido cafe ~

Plus some other booths with many many cute stuff ~xD

They have some gaming events too !! ;D


Even Hokage have to join in the pokemon trading game competition 
(hahaha , thanks for the kind group of gentlemen who has allowed me to take picture of them playing ;D )

And back to level 1 again, 
they have Anime Karaoke Competition :D!!

The ever ready Wotagei squad !!

Since this is a cosplay event, of course, there are COSPLAYERS !!
But pardon moi.. T3T Moi arrived kinda late due to terrible school schedule and moi was only able to capture a few cosplayers, so here they are :

Kurumi Sato-chan if I'm not wrong :3 

The super cute Yivon :3 

And ~~ Im not sure  which game/anime this is from LOL (honestly ^^"" I really apologize for not recognizing this. But they look like a well equipped group of soldiers  x3 ) 
 I always see them at events !! Probably some of you can enlighten me ? :D


Thank you for fellow cosplayers who have agreed to pose for me :3 !!

Sadly because I was kind of rushing, I didnt see many people that I know...T_T
I really hope I can make it early for the coming cosplay events ~_~ If not, by the time I reached, everyone would have gone home already OTL...


While I was there, (I think I screamed this out at my fb already last time wuahahaha xD) I did an impromptu mini shoot too since Ee-chan was with me and the merchandise shop is surprisingly nice :3  I will probably write about that sometime afterwards ^^ Because my schedule just wont permit it now T3T;;;;

So , just some old pictures I've got
 and Im sure you would have seen if you're on my fb too TAT;;

I am terribly busy juggling school and cos-stuff now >,< 
Havent even started patching up some of my costumes that needs alteration *sigh*.... 
I really pray for more time T_T;;;

Overall , MinnaCon is a really well organised event for a first from NUS. :D 
I really look forward for next year's event :3 Hopefully more cosplayers will be attending the event (and hopefully no haze to at that time hahaha xD) 

That's all for today~~ 
Ciao~~ :D


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