Wednesday, July 24, 2013

MinnaCon 女子高生 Mini Photoshoot ~ ❤

Did a mini impromptu shoot at MinnaCon with Ee-chan last time :3
Took me  a while to finally open the photo folder and sieve out the nicer ones OTL...

its really like... 
a first world problem ... T_T 
no matter how good your camera, lighting etc is , 
there will always be weird faces /poses amongst the pictures 

and since Im not one of those picture perfect people who looks pretty from all angles 
I have to move to certain angles to get a good photo 
AND ! Even with extra effort put into posing, there will still be photos where I look like aunties hahahaha xD 

here are the cream of the crop !! :3

the rest doesnt survive ^^"

Ee-chan helped me add some captions to the pictures just for fun because I am on MC today, taking a break off studying for an hour because I really have no mood studying now T_T <despite it being so close to my exam> 
We're both still learning, so... hope its decent :3 

彼はいつ来るのかな ... ?

今日は~ !!




and this .. was what I uploaded when I was sick last week xD 

風邪・腹痛のコンボに諦めました OTL... >.<;;; 

「After 2 days of feeling unwell , I surrendered to a very bad sore throat, cold, and tummy ache this morning .... >,<;;;
So... Today , Im stuck at home... T_T;;; 
Kinda felt like this now... 」

Cant think of any caption anymore ... hahahaha x'D 

I experimented a bit with effects here to change the shirt colour... , 
well, still doesnt look natural enough T_T but I really hope to improve...
will practice more given I have the  time ~


That's all :3 
Still way to go , more to learn ^^ 


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  1. Oh my! Those pictures are absolutely adorable! I really love all the poses you're doing. When someone points a camera at me, I suddenly become the most awkward thing ever, haha. You look like a pro in front of the camera! :D

    Plus, I know exactly what you're talking about with looking strange from different angles. I'm picky about all of my pictures for that reason alone! Some angles are just horrible for my face!

    I really love that first photo of you with the wings! Super cute!
    By the way, are those actual wings or are they photoshopped on you? Because they look way too pretty to be real. :o

    The Girly Gamer

    1. Hello Michelle~
      Thank you for the encouragement ^^ yup >,< I know that feeling too ^^ its the same with me ^^ the photographer had to take soo many shots to get a few nice ones ^^

      Yup, the wings in the picture above are edited :3 ^^