Wednesday, July 24, 2013

❤ Yayoi Ken Review ❤

Hello~ Hello~~~
As you may have known I've been going around doing my usual stuff :
finding and eating nice Jap food x'D!!!

So lately, allow me to share my recent findings with you ! :D


"More than 125 years ago, a western food restaurant opened in Kayabacho, Tokyo.  At a time when western cuisine was still rare in Japan, “Yayoiken”, as the restaurant was called, is said to have been cherished by many for its pioneering menus. The original owner was the grandfather of Sueyuki Shioi, the founder of Plenus Co., Ltd.
Yayoiken has opened here in Singapore to follow in its predecessor’s footsteps. 

Having successfully developed a restaurant chain in Japan, and then an expansion into Thailand, we are now among you in Singapore to offer you our unique brand and our new location. "

The first time I went there is at the Somerset branch :3

I've been to this restaurant a few times and for the price, I'd say they do give a decent portion and it does taste nice ! :3

They provided us with some pickled vegetable thing which Ee-chan really digs too xD
I'm not a big fan of pickles but yup! This isnt bad at all :D

While waiting for our food to be served, the green tea is served !!! 
Look at the pretty green colour ~ xD 

And ... 
the dishes are served!!

 I ordered Oyakodon +Zaru Udon combi 
because I'm quite a big eater hehehehe xD 

My Oyako don and Zaru Udon !!!!

It REALLY taste nice 

Worth it?
Yes for the price :3 It taste nice and given the portion , it's pretty filling 
some menu are more expensive tho , so its up to you to order with discretion :3
and they ahve FREE FLOW of japanese rice too if you're a huge carbo eater ;'D

The service is good too (the servers are VERY polite , and when they had to shift our table ,with me and my truckload of bags since I've just finished my bonJapan workshift that day,  they impeccably managed to coordinate such that everything was moved swiftly! ) 

The second time I went was at another branch at Bugis Iluma !! :D
.... cant remember but that was when my Kouhai Natalie gave me her hard-earned MISA's LoL photobook!!! I was like TAT;;;; *tears* 
MISAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! *proceed to ogle at her pretty face all day long *
Hahaha thank you for being such a sweetie Nat~ xD 

Ordered :

same awesome food and portion!!!

In the end... I celebrated my belated birthday party *read it here* there too ^^"" hahahaha... Anyway that's it for today ;D Hope this is useful to you especially if you're looking for a nice place to eat :3 cya~


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