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Kagetsu Arashi Ramen @ Star Vista Review

I went to try a new Ramen shop at Star Vista a while ago after cosfest :3 

Kagetsu Arashi !

What's special about their store is their 

Special Condiments ~ !!!

I will show you how they look like later ! :D

Meanwhile, here's a sample of their menu set :)

I had their Arashi Ginkotsu Ramen set :3 which comes with Gyoza 
Ee-chan ordered their Teppan Itameshi and a topping of Ramen egg  !!

here's my order

do note that the egg in the ramen itself is not a ramen egg :( 
its a full boiled egg  ! :'(
Luckily, Ee-chan suspected this and had ordered the extra Ramen egg :

Tralala !!

The Ramen egg came whole , but Ee-chan CUT IT IN HALF before I can take a picture of it ! TAT so here's the badly cut half

in you go ~~~

Now, as for the Ramen itself !!

The Noodle
 smooth, firm and with the right chewiness :3 Loves !!

The Menma and Nori is the ole good stuff, as usual  :3
tasty , although nothing new or out of the ordinary ^^

The Cha Shu 
I have not much qualms about the Cha Shu ,
its not as savory and umami as I would prefer it to be , and its a little bit on the tough side 
:( but then again, I always prefer juicy, savory cha shu, and so far nothing can beat Tonkotsu Four Season's Summer set's Cha Shu and Marutama's side order Cha Shu(not the ramen cha shu, but side order one) 

Now, lets move on to the promised Condiments !!

Kagetsu's special in house seasoned chives !! 
Its pretty savory and spicy !! 
If you love something like belachan or any strong, spicy condiments, this is guaranteed to be a very pleasant topping for you ^^ I personally quite like it because I love spicy food~

The special soy sauce and pepper ^^ 
Ee-chan claimed that the soy sauce is unique and tasty ^^ he loves it !
 I feel like its a little bit on the soft side :/ 
so here you have it ^^

Pepper is fragrant but taste-wise is unremarkable 


Plus Yukari , something the Japanese usually use to flavor Ume (plum) 
Ee-chan loves the taste , but I personally dont like Ume, and the flavor really reminded me of ume (kinda tangy) so I ditched this after my first try TAT;;;

Ee-chan's Teppan Itameshi
tastes like normal fried rice to me :( Ee-chan was expecting the eggs to be a little bit undercooked but it came out overcooked :( I'm not really into this as I feel that its a little bit overpriced for its taste .. but Ee-chan is on the fence about his :/

Our Gyoza
the Gyoza is surprisingly pleasant ^^ crunchy on the outside, with just enough soft skin wrapping the juicy meat. The garlic is just nice, not too overpowering ^^ so its kindof an unexpected saving grace :)

Overall :) 

The Ramen is all right , not the best in town and I dont think it can beat Keisuke Four Season's or Tampopo's ,  but it is  a decent one compared to some generic  chains like Ajisen ^^ I love the noodle's texture, the seasoned chives, the gyoza and the ramen egg though :3 so they kinda saves the experience ^^ The Teppan Itameshi can be improved I think ( I personally think its not worth it :/ ) . Ambience is good (its not too noisy) :3

the staff are really really really super polite and friendly !! =[]= there's even this staff who keeps on apologizing to us for having us move seat and helped us with our luggage (as Ee-chan and I came straight from Cosfest ) . Orders arrived fast and ....

They provide baskets beside each tables for customers to store their belongings on !! 
I see many lady customers putting their hand bags in xD but I have no hand bag with me x'D so here;s my small wallet hahaha!!

Here's a clearer pic of their menu if you're int ! :)

As an info, 
They're opening at Tampines too if you'e interested  ;D 

~ Randomness ~

Here's what I saw when I went out of the restaurant !! HAHAHA
Larva !!!



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