Sunday, July 21, 2013

Diary Entry ~❤~ and the weight scale went up TAT;;; ~❤~

Hallow ~~
How's life for you?

For me, it has been one hell of a roller coaster =_=;;; juggling school, work, financial aid applications  etc .... its a wonder I still manage to allocate time for chilling, doing some cosplay  prep, browse internet and watch cat videos  (hahahahaxD) and spend time with my loved ones :3

Life's life, we have to smile and go on ~!!!

Today's post will be a bit of this and that mixed together nee~ O.o 
Because these are basically stuffs I did over the... past few months and I forgot I actually did hahaha xD so this is kinda diary entry lah xD heheheee~~

First one is :
Carnivore One-for-one buffet ~!

Yup, I went xD !! 
and in true blue kiasu fashion came 1.5 hours before OP time !!!

STILL LOST !!!=[]= 
There are 3 groups faster than us !!!

By 30 mins before OP time, the queue is horrendously long =3=

I went there to eat, 
so here's meat xD hahaha
Didnt even bother to camwhore that time...

Niku~~~ xD

Second one is :
I've gained weight T3T;;;
YES!! This section is positioned right after the Carnivore thing so you're lead to think 
"You deserve it !! You eat a lot !!"
which is TRUE TAT;;;;;

So here's a picture of Gundam Cup Noodle because I obviously wont show you my fat stomach x'D~~!!


Yup , I gained about 3 kg over the past few weeks from my stagnant 43 to 45.6 TAT;;;; 

I attribute this to :
- My busy third year school life 
- My increased eating-pa-waah appetite , I eat like 50% more these past few weeks, 
- My developing sweet tooth 

Now, everytime I see sweet and cute stuffs like these : you can see my eyes sparkling =_=""""

So I've taken action !!!!! 

I know what I need to do, because I had a lecture on how to lose weight last time !! 
xD Yay !! Just need to fight my way through >,< !!!
(Actually I typed this and started my action plan 2 weeks ago :P kekeke~~ the results are showing but I'll just wait till it drops more :3 ) 

If its successful, I shall blog about it again soon ;D 
Because I dont want to share about sth which I'm not sure yet will  work ^^


And here's a picture edited using  an app I've been using for one year !!! - and YET discovered that it has this kind of function only a few weeks ago hahaha xD

looks legit no ? xD


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