Monday, July 15, 2013

Cosmo Youth Parade ヾ(@^∇^@)ノ

From my Cosmo Celebrity Cosplayers Press Conference post *here* , I promised to blog a little bit about the event itself ^^ Its a little bit delayed because of loads of school work and readings for me , but here it is :) a very picture-loaded post for you ^^ 

Special thanks and creadit to YB-san for lending me some of the pictures (the pictures  borrowed from him will have Credit below :3 )

So, here you are !! 

My Camwhore !!

Kidding , Kidding ^^ 

Here is the serious thing : xD

Cosmo Youth Parade
SCAPE, 2 Orchard Link, Singapore, Singapore 237978
29th Jun 2013, 12pm –7.30 pm

Credit to YB-san 

Credit to YB-san 

Besides the formalities. there are also book signings by the Celebrity Cosplayers !!!

Credit to YB-san 

King x Mon !!!

 Credit to YB-san 

YUI x Saffron !!!

 Credit to YB-san 

and MISA here :3 

Credit to YB-san 

 Credit to YB-san 

Then there is the parade !!! xD
Sadly, I missed this by half an hour as I was rushing from somewhere else TAT;;;;

  Credit to YB-san 

   Credit to YB-san 

   Credit to YB-san 
   Credit to YB-san 
   Credit to YB-san 
  Credit to YB-san 

Meanwhile, Indoors at SCAPE itself, you have these awesome artists' exhibits !!
Drawn live right before your eyes  !!!

For those of you who are familiar with the local arts scene, here's Ophelia from DAIYAKU !! :D  The picture really didnt do her artpiece justice !!! It was so freaking nice seen live and up close xD !!!! *salute to her* !!!

another nice piece from a very shy artist xD 

and ~~ Science vs Magic !! xD 
which side are you on ?

When I reached, the Celeb cosplayers are gathered near Pika x Pika Meido Cafe's takeaway booth :3 Thus the crazy crowd ^^

My super cute  friends from Pika x Pika ~ <3 
x'D ~~ SO freaking cute ~~~ 

Got to meet Natalie, Dion(Nanami) and Dong (Seinou) too xD ~!!!

Because Im a friend, I can take pictures with these cutie pies xD hahaha 

After a while, we realized that .....
Mirai and I have matching stockings xD !!!!!! 

So muct camwhore(take a picture)  of course !! xD 

Beside Pika x Pika's booth, there is a merchandise booth too !! :D

and since its a cosplay  event~ 
of course, cosplayers !!! xD 

This mommy and daughter (I presume) pair caught my attention

and very kindly agreed to pose for me and a few other photogs :3 

A few more cosplay piccies ~ :3

Ri-chan :3

Yukineko-chan ~

Hiki-chan :3
doing Kyary from Pon Pon Pon !!!! xD

Incy-chan :3 

Vanessa-chan :3

Thank you so much for agreeing to pose for me although it was very late already and you guys and girls are obviously rushing x'D !!!

Anyway , I'm glad I was able to catch up with some friends during the event :3 
T3T;;; Hopefully I wont be late again for the upcoming events 
*blames work + late habit OTL...* 

That's all for Cosmo Youth Parade ~~ :3
*Scurry off to upload more pictures for other delayed posts hahahaha x'D!!*


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