Sunday, July 14, 2013

BonJapan Theme Cafe ~~ :3

Just a little update ~ :3 
I'll be very busy with school work for a few weeks so maybe my post on BonJapan Theme Cafe will be a little bit delayed ^^  for more chronologically accurate updates maybe updates on my page will be a better choice :3 

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Teru Terumii~ (。・ω・。)- テルテルミ

Just as an update, 

Here are some piccies from the day's event :3 

Make for the day ~ 

blurry pic because it was iphone front cam OTL...

and outfit for the day ~
This is supposed to be a waloli version of Alice in Wonderland~
I really love this costume  !!! xD 

Name Tag designed within 5-10mins the night before the event QAQ
Just realized need name tag for the one day event that day... 
picture from : Dev Art artist Beri-pan  !!
Check out her works here :3

Some more self pic hahahaha xD 

Extreme Duck Face Wuahahahahaha xD 

some pictures I took of the venue~ 

I didnt realize Mirai was there until I went back and realized this is the only venue pic I have on my iphone ^^""" Yes, that cute Rilakkuma-chan there is our pretty Mirai-chan from ~~~ ;3 Sorry for taking a pic when you're stoning ther eMIrai OTL... 

Some more food~ 

Very cute right !!! QAQ these are giant rilakkuma jelly and cake !!!

Anyway , 

That's all for today >,<
Sorry for the shorty preview, 
I shall write a more concise post when I have time later ^^ 

Ee-chan also took some pictures with his camera so I'll have to sieve throught those pictures before I can post the update too ^^""" 

*sigh..* really hope to have some more free time so I can update my blog more often 

Meanwhile,Ciao~~ :3


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