Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wuah~~~ ヾ(>ω<)ノ""!!

The past few weeks I've been so busy , I hadnt had the chance to blog about alll the stuff I wanted to blog about. 

(1) 2 weeks ago : Natsu Matsuri ~ !!!

(2) Then  ! - My Birthday T_T"""
all the pictures are taken by my friend so, that's pending for now ..
But I loved it! ~~~ ヾ(●ω●)ノ

(3) Next are my sprees, (13 items for $40! =[]="" ), I'm amazed myself ;D so proud to be such an efficient hunter at sales hahaha :D I also bought a new sports shoes because I spoilt my old one T_T RIP 4 years old Nike...  But these two looks so kakkoii~~

(Arent they "handsome" ? heheheee... ^^ )

(4)I also wanted to blog on my pocky collection and 

(5) *secret item from japan* that my friend bought for me ;3

Given my schedule for now, I think I'll do more OOTD and blog when I have more times then :3  Kira Candy's event is also very very close in  a few days' time >3< need to work harder ^^ hahahaha~~ 

May this week of hectic life pass safely~ and efficiently~~

Today's Coordinate :

 We practiced the dance we're going to perform on KC's School Party ( 4 days later !!! >,<)  today , and its tiring ~~But overall, I felt more confident because I (finally !! ) can memorize the movements ! xD 

Must work hard . Work hard !
Hope to see many people on this sat's event at Tampines ~~~ *excited *excited*!!

Terumi ~~

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