Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Taiwan Dessert ~ BlackBall

Hi~ You may have noticed the new header... Given my crazy schedule and sub-standard photoshop skills, I decide to just make do with apps and do the best that I can (thus, the current header ^^ heheee) 

This past weekend, after church , I went to BlackBall @ Clementi Citivibe with Ee-chan, 
because one of Ee-chan's friend strongly reccomended it ~ ;3 

Nowadays, all shops seem to have a facebook page lolz~! :3 

I rarely went to nom Taiwan dessert :(
The last time I went and had egg pudding, it wasnt really nice, 
so I only went this time just because Ee-chan insisted 
(and I got treated actually too ~~ hahaha xD )

and purposely come already, of course, must get the specialty ~!
So, this is their specialty ~ The Blackbowl ~
you can choose between four 'temperature' (is this the right word to describe this? ^^")
Cold, Warm, Hot, Icy . We chose Icy :3

Before putting in the milk sauce

After putting in the milk sauce

Tiny BlackBalls~ 
(tapioca lah ) xD 
Very nice actuallY~! The tapioca balls are so sweet and chewy 
(there is this 'unyuu~~' feeling when you bite into these ~ xD) 
This is much much nicer tahn the version I had in bubble teas, I guess its because the sweet juices enveloping them isnt diluted by the tea yet :3

Cin Cao~ 
delish too~ :3

Okay, this may look a bit scary but that whole thing is actually Grass Jelly ! 
The white thing is some milk sauce they gave us ;3
I was quite surprised that there are so much Grass Jelly inside the Bowl !!!

and they also put flavored shaved ice (on the base of the bowl ), 
which tasted so nice and coolong (you dont say ! xD ) >,<

the 'YamQ' ~ some Yam ball thingie~ :3

xD xD xD my fave~~ !!
with some of the shaved ice, which haz started to meltz T,T

Sweet Potato Ball~ :3

Yummy Golden Sweet Potato Bar which I cut into half liao~ ^^ lolz

ordered Fresh Milk with Grass Jelly too, which is v nice :3
they're v generous with the delish grass jelly indeed ^^

the place is rather small and cramped, 
but look how crowded it is !!! 

Hahaha, but next time I will drop by again just to have the blackbowl again
quite impressed by the azuki and black balls x3 

Ps : just to clarify ... this post is purely based on my own opinion, Its NOT advertorial or anything of that sort (I'll be very dreaming sooo high to get advertorials hahahaha xD ) I just thought its a nice place with nice food to share about amongst my circle of friends ~ ;3 arigato~

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