Monday, September 24, 2012

23rd September 2012 _ Waseda Seiransai ~ 。◕‿◕。

Yay~! Its finally the time many of us have been looking forward too~ a real school festival in a Japanese School ~ ;D 

(hahahahaha still not good at camwhoring ~_~ )

Lollz , anyway ^^ so WASEDA !!

Otw to Waseda School after church ~ ;3 

The entrance ~! 
Wonder how long they took to paint the whole thing! >,<
The theme this year is "Time Warp" ^^

A "tunnel" like passageway behind the entrance board above :3

The first thing we spotted ~! 
Tonari no Retoro~~~ xD !!!! 

Inside the cafe ~~
(only managed to get this pic as the meido cafe was realllly crowded and I didnt  queue for itT_T)

A large Tokyo Tower model make of plastic and paper :3

Some of the classes I managed to snap~ ;3

We decided to go in one of them :3

This onii-chan taught us how to play this thingie :

Deco inside the class ~

THEN !! Guess what ? ;D

We went to the Uniform trial area xD
The queue is damn long, but here we are !!! xD after 1 hour of WAIT !! xD

The whole convo ~ heheheee~~
Cannot rly take lost of pics as well as time are limited and there are so many of us camwhoring T_T Thats the only nice pic of me I have ^^ hahaha, and no solo pic too~ kinda regretting it now...

Anyw, when we went out, I noticed this :

She noticed me and kept staring at me !!!

Then, somebody distracted her ... FyuuH~~ 

Anyway, this is where she's at : :3

Scary stuff --> not for me (´;ω;`) 
but since we're interested, we approached it anyway

These are plastered outside ,on the walls :

Quite elaborate deshou ~ ;3
Then, I couldnt resist so I planned to ask her if I can take photo of her ~
No need to ask, she immediately pose for me lolllz xD 

Scary ~ 

Then, because It was so hot, we went to chill inside a classroom 

 exhibit :3
the students' history and english works ~
I saw this one below ;3

Hahahaha xD wonder if that "Oh my Gosh!" is placed on purpose xD

An interesting one ;3

His name is GACKT !!! GACKT !!! OTL !!

Hahaha Otaku must visit Otaku Booth of course ;P

A very slim Meido san who is actually an Onii-san ;D

Inside, they're playing a video where the characters arent supposed to show any reaction no matter what a tinu Miku-chan does...

BUT how can you resist THIS !!!! ( ≧Д≦)

Its on youtube~ ;3
the scenes above is at 1:47 ;D

The other haunted house :3 
(there are 2 this year ^^ but we didnt went in - too crowded ;P) 

Then, we went to the Canteen to nom some stuff ~ :3

My Curry Rice ヾ(*⌒ヮ⌒*)ゞ

Purin~!!!! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

Very thick and creamy~~ 
definitely worth nomming for $2 !!! xD 

While we're eating, the meido san came over to promote his booth ! LOLZ xD

After that we were so tired ( it was really hot ! >,< ) and we decided that's it ^^ 
So, I guess that's all for today ~ 
;3 It was fun and I hope I can make some time to visit again next year ^^



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