Monday, September 10, 2012

Personal Diary _ OOTD 02

I figured Ill just start numbering my OOTD to see
how many combi I can make :P

Today's OOTD, 
costs a cheapskate $16 excluding my Mondo beige wedges
(which is not ex also :P, about $20-30)
Denim Jacket $7, Skirt $4 from a flea (hahaha , yesh, Im cheapo :P)
Gray basics top (ironically) $5 , more ex than le skirt , from THIS Fashion :P

Plaited my hair ,tied with my handmade furball hair band :3
(Im damn untalented with braiding...
no tutorial can help me improve my skills ) 
It wont stay in place T_T 
Contemplating if i should save $$$ to rebond my hair...
Never done anything to it before
scared it will become fuzzy anytg OTL

just sew a Daiso gom rubber band to random fur balls
which dropped from my other accessories :P

Unproductive day Today T_T 
Lazy me...
haiz... must mug~! mug~!

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