Saturday, September 15, 2012

Drrr! Izaya Orihara Photoshoot ~ :3

Went out for Izaya Orihara Drrr! Genderbend Photoshoot today~ :3 

The day started nice :3 
altho Im a bit late ~_~

my eye make for izaya~ :3 
I thought I should make it dramatic and a bit punkish
but while not making it overtly gyaru-dramatic ;P 
so i decided not to use my Dolly Wink lower tsukema ,
and use a much more toned down one instead :3

 (am still quite inexperienced,
so had to tweak a bit here and there ;P)

my lower tsukema is Daiso wan~ ;P CheapoTM
 some pics of genderbend izaya fanart :3
(credits to their respective owners)

She's a badass~ :3 >,<

This is the FIRST photoshoot gathering for the Cosplay Group in my school !!
we've got a lot of other cosplayers too~ :D
I got to know many many new friends at school who cosplay too :3
yay~ !
But we were all sooo busy with school many of us had little time to prepare for this >,<
its good that we actually had time to meet up for PS at all 
and the PS venue is VERY NEAR our school also lolllz (for convenience's sake xD )
given the rushed time, I'm glad this worked out well :3
happy~ :D

[ photos pending ~ :P cause the photogs need time to upload etc ;D 
after PS, I took some camwhore pics ]
 ~~ photos are here :3 
Im so happy ^^


credits goes to Nicholas, Iv and Kyou Un, 
our very nice photogs and Yimin (le Shizuo hehehee~~~)

as you can see, its bright and quite hot actually
We bothered to start at 9-10AM 
but Its still freaking SUNNY and HOT already when we reached >,< 

Ahahahaha xD 
BUT !!!
After the PS, 
All sweaty and tired, still took camwhore pics for memories' sake anyway :P 

With some of my friends and sempai~~ :3
( Shizuo(Drrr!) , and Enma Mai(Jigoku Shoujo) :3)

After that we had lunch at SUBWAY ~! (。・ω・。)

Ordered FOOTLONG !!

Shared with my friend :3

WHEN, my friends, 
who were cosing Luka (Just Be friends )
 and Ookami Ryouko (Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi) went to order, 
I cant resist to take this pic...

Oooops~ They noticed ;3

Hahaha, Luka and Ryouko buying Subway ~ xD 

Ee-chan, who is my Sai Kang Warrior for today, 
( followed me along although Ee-chan should really be studying ;P)
trying to take a CANDID glam pic of me when I'm too engrossed in eating =3=

Only if posed then, slightly better no? ~ :P
but front camera quality sucks =3=""

as if the morning isnt hot and sunny enough , 
the afternoon's so freaking BRIGHT AND HOT when we went to the bus stop outside ,
Its practically impossible to camwhore take picture for memories' sake !!! =[]= !!
Why ? 
Because its so freaking bright and hot, 
all the picture I took even under the shade of a tree made me look like VOLDEMORT !
aka. he-who-has-no-nose

not the shuai Tom Riddle one :(

The COLGATE one !!! >,<!!

see :P
(eyeburn warning !) 

Attempt 01 ( OOPS !!!) 

no nose!!! try again !

Not bad, can see nose =3=
but still look ghostly, 
so I  tried again, different angle !

Even Worse !

End point :
I gave up...

here's a cat to make you happier ;P 
(and 'wash' your eyes )


Today's a happy day~~~ xD
Looking fwd to a Happy weekend ~

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