Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ootd 4 ~~ + My Fail Queueing for Perfume Ticket at the wrong Date ;P

I think I posted this on my fb wall too ~
(hahaha , forgot a bit ^^ my brain is already fried now at the end of the day , and Im going to bed soon ^^)\

So yesterday , 
My friend and I  *mistakenly* went for Perfume sales ticket at the AFA shop @Scape ,  and then realized that we BOTH saw the wrong date and we've practically travelled for 1 hour for ntg hahaha ^^ 
Anyway, this is my coordinate for the day ;3 

Currently my Fave Bag~~  ヾ(@^▽^@)ノヾ(@^▽^@)ノ
I asked my friend to help me buy it from Japan~~ 
and Its sooo worth it (its on SALES !!! ) and very nice too ~

Oops~ the brooch is facing wrong side~ Amended ;3

Hahaha, Im pretty glad PrincessCam app on my iphone allows me to add some 'clouds' stuff 
to block out the very messy background which is my room 
because I usually take pics before I went out, 
and my room's pretty small so there's practicaly almost no space to camwhore ~ ^^

  Before                                    After       

I know it looks quite obvious ^^ but I dont mind it since 
<1> Most of the time, I had not much time to edit ( I am a true mugger  yesh~! Im busy with my books ;P ) so using the apps makes it very much more convenient for me 
<2>  I just want the  bed out of view, not make it seem as if I'm taking photo somewhere else , so i dont mind even if people know that I;m blocking my bed out of view purposely 

My current favorite Hair pins ~

Well, at least we got to eat at KFC after that ;P 
( Our last time having KFC was like 6 months ago, and it happened so that we ate our last KFC meal together !! hahaha xD That explains why we BOTH had cravings for KFC yesterday ;3 )

Anyway,  thats all for today ;) 
I think I may be falling sick ~ :( *this is supposed to be posted yesterday, but since I posted it in "draft" instead @_@ * : caught a cold but I want to go to Seiransai tmw >,< ~~ hope to see lots of fun things at Waseda's Gakuensai~  ;3

Good night~


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