Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Tsurara Test Run Last Year :3

I was digging inside my old HD today when I....
Found a surprisingly nice Yuki Onna Shot we got when we did test run in the park where we took a "walk" for the test run hahaha xD :3
(like, many many months ago.. or was it last year ? O.o""  ^^""""")
It was towards the end of my first year cosing formally~
and I was still learning - a lot (even now too ~ ;P )

Its one of the few nicer one tho, as I cut the wig wrongly, 
(as you may have noticed the fringe in the pic below )
Yea, I censored my face because It looked ridiculously ridiculous (:P )
without lenses and with wrong fringe

So I wanted to see if the costume is nice to wear ,
since if I am wearing this to cosfest/afa/stgcc, this will be my first time trotting out in a heavy faux kimono =3= ... yesh! 
Its waay heavier than my kimono and quite bothersome to wear actually ..
Figured the head pins (DIY-ed :3) are okay , kimono too :3 but waraji is a pain.. =_=

So Ee-chan, Micchan and Miyu accompanied me out for a walk..
but we also brought camera just in case can take nice pics..

turn out..

But I did learned lots of lesson from dat one :P

These pics are taken like, about 6 am in the morning =3=
so I was lucky nobody had to see me in such a state at the time...
and my lenses had yet to arrive at that time ^^"""
It took two people to  push heavy me up the poor tiny tree...

I seriously need some more exercise I guess...
Meanwhile... miyu-chan just climbed the tree like she'd climbed trees all her life
=[]= !!!

Done in like seconds !!! =[]= !!
She's really pro ^^"

So I am supposed to take a " 'coax' her down " pic 

THEN, she laughed !! Lollz xD

This  first faux PS slash (/) walk-about test run around my house turn out v useful
found out I reallly need SKW if I am doing Tsurara =_=""
I need to re-cut the fringe , and thankfully, the lenses are here ~!!!! xD
Altho I havent used them yet,.

Need to study hard so that after exam I can take this baby to AFA T_T  

Afterwards , we went to McD to have breakfast !
These are the rest of the pics... 
(I look so 'retardedly' hyper ~ my usual after-cos rush OTL OTL OTL
*facepalm* but xD and to anyone who wore wigs before, yesh ~ the after-wig-fringe is there ;) )

really thankful to my friends who accompanied me that crazy sleepy morning to go to the park behind my place for this equally mad test run xD 

Fun things happen when we're with our friends ;3


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