Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rnadom Post : Food, Salon-visit, Ramen, and My cheapo Haul :P

I've no idea how to title this post anymore :P
This is where I went to today, but as the title suggests, this post is about some random stuff I did in the span of these few days ;3 So lets proceed~~~

Hahahaha, these few days have been very busy for me, mainly because I've got a lot of studying and catching up to be done >,< and its my fault also, for being too slow in studying xP Haiz....

I feel sick Last Sunday (and keeping me headache-free and runny-nose-free throughout Seiransai are my Panadol Flu muahahahahaha!! xD ) 
Good thing is, I got nice ,healthy food for lunch ^^ 
so here's some picture to make you drool if you like this kind of food (yummeh~ ) 


Hahaha, but after I got better, I'm still quite easily bored ... Painted my nails (after like 1 month of not even bothering to do anything with them, because once i do it, it will take 1 hour to do everything, and I am too cheapo to go to manicure them in a shop if i can do it 80% properly  myself  :P ) 

Base Colour : Milky Pink 

Painted some ribbons and stuck some Daiso (Cheapo TM :P ) nail sticker on them ;P 

Ok if a bit cui~ I'm quite pleased with my amateur work ;P 

Then, I spotted this cutie too, a few days ago in a shop near my place !!!

Its a piggy Moon Cake !! xD
Not v nice taste wise, but its soooo cute for $1 !!! 


Then TODAY !!
Thursday , I went for a "haircut" at a salon which I bought an $18 deal from online 
Basically the deal says I am entitled to Keratin Hair treatment + Wash + Blow + Complementary hair Cut 

Me, quite happy and jolly before the hair cut 
THEN !!! I was told by the lady owner (not the nee san above) that she printed the voucher Wrongly and I am Very Lucky to get the voucher because she took down the advert after half-a-day and changed the detail print =_=, so I am not entitled to a complementary hair cut and she will only cut my fringe....  like ... wth..... =_= the only reason  (cheapo)  Thirfty me spend $18 was because I'll be entitled to free hair cut =_= ....anyw she told me because its half the wrong print's fault ,
so she'll cut my hair for an extra $10 =_= I was quite disappointed then... but Im still camwhoring ebcause I am in quite a good mood that day to get pissed :P 
Nothing shall ruin my ramen day ! (you'll see if you scroll down)

 OTL .. wide forehead OTL ... hahaha *awkward laugh*

This guy seriously act like he never see the hair steam machine thingie before lollz xD 
Ee-chan, voluntarily accompanying me to the hair salon, 
studying there since he's hvg exam next week ! xD hahaha 

 (stare at the steam coming out of the machine)
He kept on trying to make me laugh : 
"Your hair is being cooked!!Your hair is being cooked!!" 
Lollz xD

But anyway, decided NOT to cut it after so long
partially because I am not so keen in having it cut also =_= and partially because that guy sitting behind me convinced me my hair is not messy altho its too long )

so here's me, camwhoring after my hair fringe cut ,
(almost no change at all ^^"""" cheated by the online coupon haiz...
in too much of a good mood to argue back with the owner ^^"""""") 

with waffles in my right hand (awkward pose and place, cause the salon is really small - altho you cant see it here >,< and the lady waiting behind was initially kept looking at me camwhoring at the big mirror there , so I paiseh hurry and only managed to take this one pic >,<)

After that , guess where my friends and I went to after this !!!! ;D

Keisuke Tonkotsu King at ground floor of Orchid Hotel in Tanjong Pagar !!!!

I've seen posts about this in Anibee and elsewhere for DAYS and I've been craving it 
so I kinda bugged my group of friends to go here altho they wanted Ramen Champion >,< 
Im kinda bored with Ramen champion also now...

free beansprout and boiled eggs !!! xD
Am quite happy with the beansprouts ! Fresh and delish !
The bpiled eggs --> TmT we all thought it was the soft, 6-minute-boiled egg with runny yolk  kind, apparently its the HARD boiled kind OTL

my friend grinding the sesame and pepper :3 

they have unique poster on the walls 

as you can see, the shop is veeery very cramped >,< fit about 16-20 people?

Here's my Tonkotsu Original which came with all toppings including Japanese seaweed and pork slices!!!!

 look at that creamy goodness !!! You get to customize your soup flavor, chicken oil level, and noodle texture. Mine is strong, normal, normal consecutively :3

 Playing with the hard boiled egg lollz xD 
they [provide mayo too!!

soup, Thick and creamy! Yum ! xD

Noodle, nice :3 !!

Cha Shu !! Have to say a bit disappointed here :( I';ve eaten lots and Looots  of Ramen >,< and no matter how poor a student and a human being I am, I must die die save some $$ to eat some REAL ramen once every few months T_T 
This Cha Shu is quite tough and its taste is a bit on the weak side. Doesnt leave me with a bad impression, but rather no memorable impression.

Suffice to say, the soup is a wham of brothy goodness though ^^ 
Next time, will I come again ? Maybe ;P
given the price is a bit cheaper than other ramen stalls if you dont order the 'all toppings' version, its a good deal (since the broth is the star , at least for me anyway :P ) 
But not for this month  xP

I'm broke xD 
ahahaha, and I have to study now~

Lemme end with my Cheapo TM haul these few days :P

$3 for $10 

its a freaking MEASURING SPOON necklace ! With some like 'ancient looking' scribblings which actually says gibberish on it !!! (my favorite kind of stuff is the ancient looking one, throw in some elvish looking scribbles and gimme vintage colour, you got me ;P )
can use to measure stuff in emergency forget i ever wrote that! OTL thats what i told my friend who accompanied me into the shop
But seriously, >,< I think this is friggin adorable >,<

This one necklace has like 5 rings on it !!! =_= 5 rings for $3.33 is a good deal no ;3 and the ring is adjustable size kind xD

Ok, this look like normal shades
But.... I'm not a shade person , so I never had any pair of shades before, thus behold... 
TmT my FIRST pair of shade... (already kena commented by my friend (via the silence I was given and the prolonged sigh) buti still maintain my stance : I think this is cute T_T and $3.33 is ok... I shop like once in a looooong while anyway T_T 

and below's hauls *evil laugh*

$1 arm bangle from VIVOCITY !!! Believe it or not :P

 $1 Beads Choker from VIVOCITY ALSO !!! 

$3 floral STRAW HAT xD !!!!

Im pretty amazed I can be so cheapo actually ;P 
 Its a good skill for a poor student to stay fashionable ! ;P 

havent finished my material for school OTL OTL and Im blogging ...
I'm really gonna die the next few days T_T 

(i love reborn! xD i wanna watch anime TAT)



  1. Terumi~ Yui here :D
    You should try Ippudo if you love ramen.
    It's located in Mandarin Gallery (the hotel's mall that we went for press conference)
    I assure you 100% goodness! hahaha.

    1. Heya Yui~!!! xD !!!
      Yep I tried already ! It was really good >,< !!! Hahaha , you made me realize I havent posted about it cause It was my exams when I went there lollz ^^