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No Game No Life _ Hatsuse Izuna 初瀬 いづな Cosplay Photoshoot Part 1 - Chirstmas ver.

Heyo  ~
Merry Belated Christmas !!

Today's post is going to be about one of the cosplay shoot I did recently 
Basically I was doing a shoot for Izuna last week and since it was christmas , I decided to do a shoot for Izuna in Santa costume :3 It was kinda rushed and a lot of decisions were made last minute in the end T__T 

No Game No Life is an anime that I got to watch quite recently ;3 To make things very simple, its about a pair of hikkikomori game addict brother and sisters who got 'invited' into a 'game world' by the world's God and was challenged to kinda 'defeat and unify' the different races in the 'game world' in order to gain a chance to battle the game world's god and get a chance to return to their own world.  Its quite a nice anime to watch although the flow is kinda predictable ^^ (since the brother-sister's motto is ' blank (their team's name is "blank") never lose'!! ) The animation is very colourful and I love the characters' designs :D ! Initially I'd wanted to cos Shiro but settled on Izuna after some thinking and feedback :3 

and this is Izuna. Izuna is a warbeast / werebeast as some may call them - which is a race with superior ability in terms of fighting skills compared to the other races (so far in the anime) 

Her character is basically just waiting for someone to squeal T__T 
(have a personal weakness for cats, foxes , dogs and most cute furry things with fluffy ears and tails ) .... She had a battle version which is fiercer with facial 'tattoo' / painting but since I've not much time to find the red wig for that version , I didnt shoot that version :'(( 

Anyway back to the shoot , for Izuna , we decided to have both indoor and outdoor shoot  . We started with Indoor shoot first which is both a Santa shoot and a small portion of the default costume shoot . Here are some pictures from the Santa shoot.

As for all other shoots , we encounter difficulties of course hahaha ! ^^ The difficult thing for me is to get Izuna's expression right ... .・゜゜・(/。\)・゜゜・. I'm getting old and am 153 cm while Izuna is like... 5-10 years old and looks about 1 metre tall (-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩___-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩) both photog and me were like trying our hardest to make gigantic me look smaller from varying angles...  Meanwhile , the photog and my sister (who helped hold the reflector ) were trying to make the best out of the lights , arranging the deco when I was in positions where I couldnt move much , and positioning the tail so that it looks more 'life-like' on picture . We dream of a day when we can upgrade our camera :P , buy some nice flash and studio set up material - currently we have some white clothes and IKEA discounted curtain , a white wall , a single reflector , and a DSLR. 

checking fringe ,make up and pose on phone camera 

Another challenging thing actually happened before everything even started - clipping the ears ... the ears are not easy to clip on (it will stay , but not for long and will slowly droop off to a weird angle after some movement. In the end I have to use numerous clips hidden under all those hair to make sure the ears stay upright :P ) 

After the shoot , I changed out to Izuna;s default costume , ate lunch (which is instant ramen in the end because we have to rush ^^) and set out to Japanese Garden for the outdoor shoot .. Camwhore with half worn half taken off costume hahaha ^^"

Anyway , Merry Christmas again !!! I'll start working again this coming Monday and will continue to work through new year without a break T__T and hopefully will have some time to take a look at more of the pictures :3 meanwhile Ciao ~ Will continue after I've taken a look of the outdoor shoot pictures ~ byebye ~ :D 
Have a happy happy New Year :D 

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