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Blood C Cosplay Photoshoot - Kisaragi Saya 更衣小夜

Hello Everyone ~~~ 

Ive been busy preparing for the start of a new academic year for the past few days . This year , we barely have 2 and a half weeks' holiday :'x , and I havent had many shoots so far....  However, since I havent written about the few shoots I had before my electives started, today's blog diary entry is going to be about my BLOOD - C Saya shoot :) 

Character : Kisaragi Saya 
Series : Blood C

Didnt really managed to do the sword as it was a mad rush >,<;;;;;
so its not accurate AT ALL.... borrowed a katana from my friend Shizuku  ( , changed the chains provided with my own thicker set of chains which is closer to the original neck chain , and went ahead with the shoot anyway tho T_T and in the end still have quite a lot of fun xD !!!! Thats my prop staff dangling at the back hahahaha (another cosplan which I havent found the time to shoot TxT) 

Basically , Blood C is a bloody series ^^ and I mean it quite literally ^^"" Initially, the only reason I watched the show is because I thought it is a good show since it is affiliated with Blood plus somehow(which is an awesome show ;D ) .What happened was, I watched the series up to 4 episodes before I gave up because I watched the final episode right after the fourth episode because I wanted some spoiler . However, while watching the final episode, I saw a scene where some 'monsters' (for the sake of simplyfying what the antagonists are  ) are literally blending humans in a gigantic blender  (●´∀`●)"""" ........
and that scene kinda botched the deal for me...(ノ´ー`)ノ

(you can watch it in youtube here if you want... but you are warned OxO)

However, I actually liked Saya's character design (/•ิ_•ิ)/ . Despite what people say was shallow characterisation , I feel that its quite logical for her character to switch from a cheerful side to a more serious and cold-blooded side since seeing her character background (wont be giving any spoiler if you're gonna watch it ^^ relax) one will realize that under such situation its actually very logical of her to be able to juggle both side of the personalities O.O Anyway to cut the story short , eventually ,my friend Mirai from Pika Pika was very nice to lend me the cos I have been eyeing for a while :3 and so I decided to go all out and rewatched the series (∩_∩)

Since CLAMP is one of my favorite mangaka groups xD , 
let me show you  CLAMP's illustration for Blood C :)

For Saya's shoot one of the major challenge I face now isnt lighting or angle or make up etc...but the expression (╥_╥)

I tried portraying her darker side but mostly, what I get is still her happier more cheerful side ---- and not a good one at that too :'((( since my facial expression is... T_T unsuitable for her lets say.... I dont like as mature as Saya should look....

(One of the nicer shots *hides*)

My friend Yu Bin was very kind to be my photog for the day too and we managed to get a few nice shots too :3 (still processing because of my slow speed T_T but hopefully most of them will be up soon) His style is darker and more mature and this below is one of the pic that I got from him :D

At last, looking more mature T_T

Ee-chan's style is very diff from his...
The venue by the way is pretty fun to shoot at :3 Many cosplayers say that the venue is "overused" for shoots ^^ but then again its a pretty nice area and unless your aim to look for a unique location to stand out from the crowd, shooting here is pretty nice :3 its free , its sheltered , easy to access and there is a mall nearby where you can change (and its very close to mrt ;D ). The lighting's not bad too :D Being so busy at school I dont really get to travel to many nice photoshoot sites and when I got the chance to come here , I have to say its a very nice location ;D 

At the end of the day it was a terrific shoot xD !!! We tried many many shots and failed but eventually got some decent shots and were happy ^^ Thank you so so much to all my friends (Mirai-chan , Shizu , Yu Bin , Ee-chan ) who have helped with the shoot !!! :D 
Learned a few tricks with the wig during this shot as it was really quite difficult dealing with this wig :'x !!! (Anyway , about wig , I really want to level up my wig styling ability but the time... argh... I hope I'll be able to improve my studies this year so I'll hv more time to cos T_T) ..... Anyway , thats all for today's post :) Will work harder to improve my skills (since I'll only get older and this face aint getting any younger hahaha xD) and accuracy next time ;D 

If you have any questions feel free to drop me a message/comment on my FB Page kay :D
I also stashed more photos from my shoots there (shameless advert OTL) 
bye bye ~



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