Tuesday, July 15, 2014

CLANNAD クラナド Cosplay Photoshoot - Fujibayashi Kyou 藤林杏

Hellow~ , 
last week I wrote a short diary entry about haruhi's shoot , so this is the next entry :3 
After Haruhi's shoot , I did another shoot at similar location :3
(The location is getting very convenient when I have a pocket of free time to shoot and yet not much time to travel to faraway location xD )

This time , Im shooting Kyou from CLANNAD - Summer Uniform version :D
Character : Fujibayashi Kyou 藤林 杏
Series : CLANNAD クラナド
Photog : Ee-chan

CLANNAD is one of those older anime series which has very nice feel around it 
Albeit being very slow paced , the second part is actually pretty sad :'x

During the shoot ,Kyou's tsun facial expression is hard to get right T_T 
I couldnt even remember how many shots we have attempted to get the better ones 

Just a random thought , 
I love kyou's purple wig this time around x'D !!!! 
Its the first time I loved a purple wig so much (because lighter wig usually make our face looks darker, I usually dont really have a liking towards lighter colored wig but kyou's wig is quite smooth and looks pretty nice on camera :'D !! ) 

I tore the white thigh high socks during the socks... right after this shot was taken =_="" talk about bad/good luck ? 

Anyway , processing the pic was quite fun :3 I tried experimenting with the tones to give the pictures a lighter feel (when you watch CLANNAD, you'll realize the anime have a really light, ethereal tone to it T_T which is almost impossible to replicate in Singapore's context so thats where editing goes... ) 

Anyway , this is all for today :) 
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