Sunday, August 3, 2014

* Random Rant *

This is a rant post :x so as the title suggested, Im going to complain. If you dont want to read complains, dont proceed k ! You are warned :P 

Please forgive me for complaining ... But I just have to vent this out somehow :((

Lately , (rather, for the past few months :< ) I havent been able to do much things with regards to my hobbies / recreational activities :( I mean , it was quite bad already last time , but this time its getting worse... 

I actually wondered if later, when I started working , I wont be able to do this at all anymore... *big sigh* 

I understand that many people will respond by saying that no matter how hectic work is , one will die die be able to find the time to do one's recreational activities . After all , one can not survive working non stop... and indeed I do have free time :) The thing is , how much free time do I have now ? 

My usual daily schedule now is something like this : 

0630 --> eat breakfast , start preparing for school/internship 
0730 --> make my way to workplace 
0830-1800 --> work 
1800-1900 --> travel home 
1900-2000--> prep dinner 
2000-2100 --> bathe , cool down , chill for a while 
2100- (2400-02.00) --> study for the next day 
(2400-02.00) - 0630 --> sleep 

I fit facebook within the 2000-2100 period (*big sigh*) 
Sometimes Im so tired I self-declare an extension on my 'break time' , and I cant really skip not studying because that means I'll lag behind (stupid as I am compared to my classmates because I really really need to read one material mutiple multiple times before something clicks in my mind and I finally understand , and thus remember what I must ^^ )

On weekends, I'm mostly too tired to give a shit about anything else other than sleeping , sitting down and lying on a couch , etc etc and even then , I still have to chase after materials I havent touched & go to church on Sunday , so my weekend consist of friday night and saturday

I havent touched cos stuff for 1 month ... 
(another big sigh) 
and Im really dying to go for eoy / events , 
dabble in making my due props , 

Even on weekends, when I'm going to church , I revel in the chance to dress up a bit now.. thing is , I cant possibly wear somthing harajuku to church without getting the stares :(( 

(HUGE SIGH ... ) 

Sometimes I envy friends who can understand something real fast 
Friends whose life are all about the course Im doing 
Friends whose hobbies is reading educational journals and textbooks 
Friends who dont fall sick as often as I do
Friends who seem to have unlimited energy :x
Friends who have stable finances and can do much without worry :'x

But then again there's nothing much I can do about this. :( 

Currently, Im trying hard to balance everything out, to increase my stamina while eating healthily , to hopefully be able to cos once in a while when that extended free time strikes when I am healthy this weekend, Im suddenly down with a terrible cold :< and I have some appointment the previous day , which is why I cant go to EOY in the end.. ), to be more active in pika pika , and to finish more of my  cosplans :'x 

With this , I hope I'll be more resilient and hardworking when it comes to what Im facing in this new academic year :'x I hope I'll be able to balance out all these stuff soon >,<''''' 



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  1. I hope you will have more time for cosplaying ><! But good luck on your studies and don't overwork yourself!