Friday, July 11, 2014

残響のテロル – Zankyou no Teroru – Terror in Resonance Sneak Preview!

Thank you CutePop for the opportunity !!

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Hi everyone! I and Terumi just came back from the sneak preview of Zankyou no Teroru – Terror of Resonance, the new anime series by the renowned Shinichirou Watanabe, who was the director of Cowboy Bebop! Here’s my reporting from the day!

The anime’s premise is that the two ‘protagonists’, Nine (aka KokonoeArata / 九重新) and Twelve(aka Hisami Touji / 久見冬二), are on a mission to terrorize the whole city of Tokyo to take revenge for their traumatic past (presumably a human experiment program or something). Along the way, they implicated a troubled but innocent high school girl named MishimaLisa (三島リサ) as a complicit in their terrorist activities. And so, going under the pseudonym Sphinx, they bombed their way through various buildings in Tokyo, leaving behind a trail of destruction and mystery.

The feel of the movie is somewhat comparable to Psycho-Pass (maybe it can be described as Psycho-pass from the opposite point of view), although without the techno-babble and the big-brother-esque Sibyl System. While the protagonists can look cheery and playful (especially for Twelve), but their dark pasts and personalities are strategically foreshadowed, setting the series’ dark tone.

I’m really impressed by how believable the modern society is in the series O.O Like, they actually use Youtube instead of TV to spread their terror messages O.O The characters also regularly chat to each other on their phones using something like Whatsapp (instead of the usual email). They even had a reference to the cola + mentos reaction (from episode 2 ehehe how lucky was I)which was super popular on Youtube last few years.

Anyways, about the production quality itself, I think it was quite amazing! The art was superb, animation great, and the effects they used were strategically placed. I think lady fans would also love the two ikemen protagonists, the ice-cool Nine and the red-hot Twelve. Of course, as a guy, that’s not for me to comment though. For the male fans, you can have this picture of Lisa instead.

And dat music O.O 

The music is soooo nice O.O Soo moody and dark yet melodious O.O The soundtrack is composed by the great Yoko Kanno-sensei (technically KannoYouko though), which would explain why it’s so nice.

The OP song isTriggerby Galileo Galilei (I think it was only by the lead singer but I could be wrong), while the ED song is Dare ka, Umiwoby Aimer which definitely goes directly into my playlist once it comes out. I’ve never heard of Aimer before, apparently she’s been compared with YUI with regards to her voice (which I think is true), so I’ll definitely be checking her albums out. The OP/ED songs were both written again by Yoko Kanno herself, so that’s already one big reason to check out the anime :D

Anyways thanks so much to the organizer ANIPLUS HD, Cherry Credits for hosting the preview (their mini-cinema is so comfy I wish I could live there). You should definitely check out the anime!! You can watch it on ANIPLUS HD which will be available on Singtelmio TV Ch340 and :D It’s simulcasted from Japan so you’ll be the first people to watch it in its full HD glory :D

Jyaaminna-san, sutekinaichinichiwo :D (So everyone, have a beautiful day ahead!)

PS: Valerie was the host for the preview muhahaha

~ <3 ~

PS : Basically and I went to the preview ;D I'm currently working on a few posts which I hope will be up by this weekend ;3 meanwhile , 
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