Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Photoshoot _ ❤ Pandora Hearts パンドラハーツ 3 Alice アリス ❤

Aaand ~ another photoshoot post as promised ^^

Back to back after my Azusa mini shoot, I had a shoot with Kai Lin and Kai Xin :3 !!!
We're doing Pandora Hearts' 3 version of Alice s - 

1.Battle version (mine) 

2.Ballgown version, human (Kai Lin) 

3.Will of the Abyss version (Kai Xin) 

The photogs who came are : 
Kelvin Siau, JA Chew, Yu Bin, Kiat Kai , Eugene :D
Thank you to them all !!! :D

Woke up at freaking 6AM
*arrived!! IT.RAINED !!!!!! and i was like QAQ!!!!!!!!!* 
lucky when we reached, its abated !!! 

HO.HO.HO ~ My first time being here !!! xD

If you're interested to view more, feel free to visit my worldcosplay account ^^ 
(there's a link on TOP LEFT corner of this blog too :3)
(look in submission folder :3)

or view them in my facebook page :
(look in the album :3 )

Sorry that I dont have a DevArt as I find them a hassle to manage :/

anyway I dont want to upload so many here as it will make loading very difficult on slower computers ^^"" gomen nee~ 

Here's sharing some pictures of it :

Alice Pandora Hearts Cosplay

the only landscape format shot I have is the above one LOL xD

Alice Pandora Hearts Cosplay
Alice Pandora Hearts Cosplay
Alice Pandora Hearts Cosplay

Hahaha can see dif photogs have dif formats and style ^^ 
as for Yu Bin's I tried to do the post editing myself :3 
I'm still learning! still learning a lot more !! ^^"

AND !!

One of my fave shots !!! 
LACIE's tombstone shot :D !!

Alice Pandora Hearts Cosplay

Kelvin-san changed the colour filter thingie to a vintage-brown  too xD super like !!
which one do you like better ? 
(my cosplay obviously still まだまだだね ^^" ) 

I'm the one who added the "LACIE" part ^^" 
so pardon me  if it still needs improvement... ... ^^""

aaaand ~~
Group shoot with the photogs !! xD

Anyway, after we're done, Kelvin had some polaroid photo-film (dunno what its called :P)to spare

*THAT's Kelvin Siau! hahaha ^^*

Then , OFF to Xin Wang for LUNCH !! :D

My Fried Fish Spaghetti !! :D
Not so nice ley :( the fish strips very small and it doesnt taste nice :( 
Very expensive too :( But Bossu JA Chew paid first and we all were asked to pay $10 only , Mine would've cost $13.5 with the drink ? If plus tax etc will be $16++ i think ~_~""

The Iced Milk Tea is nice though
But then again, what can go wrong with Iced Milk Tea??

look at my Messy unkempt After Wig Hair muahahaha xD 
Took of lenses and wigs , brushed my hair super fast cause I took ages to change out of the cos and wipe some of the make up off ~_~
(regret.. regret not tidying up my hair more... ^^")

how can  Kai Lin and Kai Xin's hair still look so awesome ley ^^"""" OTL...

Kai Lin's glasses are crooked :P - retake wahahaha xD

I had lots of fun shooting!!! 

Yeap. SUPER tiring 
but FUN !!
I got my DP from this shoot too wahaha xD

Thats all for today folks ~ :3



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