Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013 - Random Post - sudden rush of gratitude wahahaha ^^ xD


yes yes old photo...^^"

Suddenly felt a rush of gratitude , because ..

Just realized that in 2012 I have met a lot of bloggers whose blogs I read and Tsubasa Masuwaka too!! So I decided to blog about it 
(maybe Im too stressed studying for exams now hahaha ^^")

here here !! 
when she's on stage TnT
still regretting not snapping a picture with her TnT
She's soo pretty in real life , although quite quiet and very very demure ;D
(in contrast , I would have looked like a tomboy hobo 
had I taken a picture with her beside me hahaha xD)

Met Golly Locks, Rachel Pxdkitty, Kelly & Pearly , Mirai Elle , Noelle Mikazuki , Ringo/Angie, and  a looot more girls in shibuya gals !!!

Only the picture with Kelly in it have me looking quite 'decent' 
'decent' but no nice... still.. I'll post lah..
IPHONE 4 camera !! Y u no good one ? TmT
(beside the very cute kelly some more, my 'decent' becomes ... ^^""""" heheee)

Yui, Kurumi, Me
(Y they shooo shoo cute and slim - should have censored my fat arm hahaha xD)
- on second thought, the fact that my fat arm is still there proves that Im too lazy (no time lah! ) to edit nor censor it wahahaha xD

Credit : this picture I borrow from Carissa de ;D thx babe !!
L to R : -Yui, Kurumi, Me-

this picture a bit bad right the lighting ? 
Nah , this is taken with my iphone 4 camera one :P 
But presenting to you, the still very chio :

Seika to my left (Y you so chio and tall? xD ), 
Carissa to my right  (Y you so demure  ? ) xD hahaha ^^ 

NITROPLUS' saccho Kosaka -san 

Danny Choo!!

(see ? when got no famous people - pic below - I look nicer ley :P )
at least thats what i think ;P
forgive me for being vain hahahaha ^^ 

 Made lots of awesome new friends too ~~ 

Wah TnT Kami-sama~~ feeling so... so..grateful now...... 2013 .. Let me see Kyary~!!! <3 Will have to really really stay positive !! I shall meet Kyary!!! xD <3 <3 And please somehow send Hayao Miyazaki or Yuki Kajiura here TnT !



- sorry to disappoint, no, he's not the Japanese version of KFC uncle Coloner Sanders =_= if you dont recognize him, he's the one who brought the awesome TOTORO ! xD Spirited away (sen to chihiro to kamikakushi) , Howl's flying castle , nausicaa etc to this world !!! )


Ohya , and ...

to remind myself... 
I am going to promise to write some reviews in the future .. so i dont succumb to post-exam laziness and did nothing !!! Im gonna review :
- one pair of lenses :3 see which one hohoo...
- Fairy drops mineral powder and BB cream
- Majolica Make up Base 
- My skincare routine :3
some people asked me about what i use , well, Im a poor student :P I dont have the means to use expensive products but i do find the ones that i use currently quite good :3 (Hada Labo~~<3) and how i take care of my skin ? --> diet , skin care . I still got breakouts at times (hormones, esp nearing the time of the month =_="") but there are certain products that i find really minimises that well AND is cheap!! xD hahaha.. Thats about it :3 will elaborate later ;D
- fast and healthy concealing for daily use (not using too much make up :3)
because i think BB cream is still make up and the best is.. just use skincare.. dont use make up ~_~ unless you have events etc :3

these five are what I promise first ;3 
the rest will wait hehee...




  1. Oh my Gooooddd, you're so lucky to see Tsubasa with your own eyes ! Envy envy >,<
    And you yourself look a lot like her too ! I love your Liz Lisa outer ♥

    I just started reading your blog, are you a japanese residing in Singapore ? :3

    1. Hi Stephanie ^^ Thank you ~~
      I think I still need to improve a lot though ^^" Im waaay below her .
      Im not Japanese by Nationality O.O I have some Japanese heritage but thats about it ^^ My Chinese upbringing is stronger though, since it was my great grandpa who was from Japan. By the time it reaches my Mom's generation, my family has no traces of any Jap culture at all anymore ^^"