Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kira Candy Gen 1 Outing :3 !! < and some nonsense ;D >

Hello ~~
Its been another books/notes-filled week for me..
so many things to read , understand and remember ~ >,<
1001 things to memorize besides the understanding part TnT 


I took out some time to go to KC outing because  I really missed my nakama QnQ 
We went to Just Acia @ Dhoby to have lunch , but since I'm rushing, I didnt took many candids 

Only Camwhored ! 
wahahaha !! 
(Sucky photo though.. I really want the camwhore Casio Camera now :'( )

with Yuki-mao (Trina) chan !! xD 
This Sweetie !! I miss her so so much !! >,<

Suzume (Wan Yee) !!! xD

With Noelle -chan who is joining Miss Singapore World !! Go support her !! xD

With Liy (Natalie) chan !!!

Minni -Aneki !!!! xD 

Yukari (Samantha)  !!! xD

With Dong Hui (Rei) !!! 
Love that wig with red extensions  xD make her look so gyaru and mature 
like, have "aneki" feel to it !! xD

and the uber cute Mirai-chan !! :D

Sadly , I have to go home soon after eating lunch with them TnT 

Arrived at home !! This was my ootd!

wore my Barbie three-tone puffy green out again ! 
I love - SUPER LOVE this pair !!

We have a gift exchange , and I got Suzume's gift : 

Super Happy ! xD 
I love pastel nail polishes xD !!!

Arigato Suzume !!!!

Another thing that made me super happy last week:
I was sick for exam, and had to sit for re-exam
My OG took extra steps and wrote me an encouragement card and even provided me with mugging snacks TnT 

Thank you guys !! 
very very touched TnT !
I'll do my best !!!

Now , here comes my NONSENSE part ^^ LOL !!
The day before, I was studying at my residence's study rooms TnT 
So bored I camwhored.... 

(act cute mode 110% on .. wahaahahaha !! )

and after It gets cold ... 

(still act cute !! - hee, at least I'm still young and able to do this 
I assure you when I'm an auntie already...... I'll STILL DO THIS ^^ ;D )

My study snack for the day : 
Saw the rainbow colour and couldnt resist buying ALL THE COLOURS !! wahahaha !!

- Nonsense end -

 Bye Bye~~ ;D

Terumi ~

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