Sunday, November 25, 2012

Majolica Majorca Make Up Workshop

 Im quite busy now , so I shall rush a post up here ^^

2 weeks ago 
I registered on a free make up workshop on Majolica's facebook 
(FREE people ~!!! Listen FREE!! Go stalk their fb pg and sign up now !!) 

But of course, before getting to the point I shall bombard you guys with random pictures first :P

Otw to studying outside 


Okay , Now to the event !!!
It was held at Shiseido studio (basically in the building behind H&M) :P 

So many working people >,< now i feel like the odd one out

Basically this workshop is to introduce Majolica's new Chapter 35 line :P
so its advert while ltting you try on 
Its a win win situation !!

Chapter 35 has a wild feel to it while being elegant and feminine at the same time ! :3

Majolica's chapter 35 poster for you to see 
(these are their new products ;3 readily available at watsons;3 )

From LEFT to RIGHT , they have :
"Hand Cream"

"Crack Nails"
Fuschia Red and Black ;3

" Creme De Cheek "
(no , they're NOT nail polishes ;3 ) 
Coral , Raspberry , Shell Pink , and Custard  Creme d(L to R) 

"Trick on Liner" 
Black and Dark red :3

Tried on both . Black one on my eyelids , Red one on my hand
I shall show you the picture on my palm one , because the black one kinda made my eyes look very very messy . 

Its a gel liner, and I dont really like it as it took quite long to dry and I tend to blink very often and thus it will smudge !!
But if you're pro at using gel eyeliner , its a good liner with vivid colours thougH !! :D 

But if you're an amateur I'll recommend Maybelline's sharp liner or Dolly Wink's :3 

"Majoromantica Fragrance"
OMG !!!! This one is so good !!! 
Basically it is a perfume with Three notes  !! Meaning , Three 'stages' when it will smell differently

1. TOP NOTE: Juicy & Fruity
Juneberry, Strawberry, Raspberry, Rum Bud, Apple, Fig, Mangosteen, Bergamot, Lemon and Mandarin
This happens within the first few minutes
2. MIDDLE NOTE: Floral ,Sweet
Rose, Sweet Pea, Jasmine, Muguet and Gardenia.

This is after about 30mins t 1 hr if Im not mistaken ^^"
3. END NOTE: Sweet , Mysterious
Vanilla, Maple, Brown Sugar, Sandalwood and Musk.;

This is after a few hours XD
I've just smelled the TOP note but IT .WAS. SO .GOOD !!
I'm definitely buying them after I've saved up TmT
gettign busy , juggling trying on the make up, camwhoring , 
and listening to the presentation  :3
Thats why i only have some pictures >,< ....
But here are some kind of tips you may get from the workshop :3 

One tips for drawing eyebrows :
slant it this way(below : pencil angled from edge of nose to outer edge of eye) 
to mark where your eyebrow tail should be

and like this ( below : from nose edge to inner edge of eye) 
to mark where your eyebrow 'head' should be :3

aaaaand ~~~~  

Ma Cherie was there too ;D

if you dont know Ma Cherie , 
its a new Japanese Hair Care Brand thats venturing into Singapore :3
I usually use Lucido-L but now I have more choices ;3 
Ma Cherie means "my sweetheart" in French.

and TAT they smell heavenly !!!!
Their formula contains champagne and honey amongst many other ingredients >,< They even have champagne glasses filled with a concotion  of champagne and honey to allow us to smell the fragrance ^^

Kooshi was there too :3 
In fact , they have a lucky draw where some of us 'won' presents . Here's mine :D!!

 a set of camisole-panty inside ^^"" not sure how to describe ...
here they are .. 

hahaha ^^ 
Now =_= before anyone said anytg about me posting 'my' panties on my blog
(since I've gotten some feedback O.o""" duh.. ~_~"""" )

1.They're brand new =_=
2. They'll be FOREVER brand new as long as they're with me .
They're too big for me , so I'm never going to wear them uinless I happened to gain 5-10 more kg I guess
3. We see these articles of clothings all the time (advert , TV , magazines etc =_= please ....) why would it be such a fuss...O.O??

now not sure what to do with them OTL...

After the workshop , one product actually impressed me so much I went to Watsons to waste "wisely-spend-after-a-very-long-deliberation"  my hard -earned $$$ TmT 

Majolica Majorca's make up base... T_T
I'm crying even now..
its awesome ...
but its ex...
but its awesome...

was quite impressed with the foundation too >,< but Im low on funds hahaha ^^ 
So I'll just get this first :3 

Majolica Majorca also gave everyone a package of goodie , isndie which is :

Majolica Majorca's lip gloss !!!
I have veeery dry chapped lips so I dont really like to wear lipsticks >,< 
I just wear lipbalm for the sake of maintaining a healthy looking lips :'( 
BUT !!!!
 after i tried this on (they're veery sticky BUT !!!!  IT WORKS AWESOMELY WELL if you have dry chapped lips !!! >,< ) 
May be doing a review one of tehse days when Im less busy 
(because its simply So. AWESOME !!!!)
was a tiring day .. ~_~
In fact , a very tiring week ....

will blog more soon O.O 
thats all~~

Terumi~~ (。・ω・。)

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