Tuesday, November 13, 2012

AFA 2012 -Day 1 :3 @ Expo

Heya Minna-san~~ 
I'm finally freed from exams (for a while ^^)
and luckily it is one day before AFA >,< so although I cant prepare much , and have to scrap my original cos plans, I am happy that I can actually still cos Taiwan and Alice (Pandora Hearts , albeit without the Scythe  (。┰ω┰。) ) I shall try again next year ....

As for now , I'm up to studying (again, and always be it seems T3T ) and waiting for my Saikang Photog (ee-chan muahahaha xD) to pass me the pictures (because we used his camera that is :P ) 

I did Taiwan  ( Axis Powers ヘタリア - hetalia ) for AFA Day 1 ヾ(@^∇^@)ノ !!!

Here's a Fanart of her , for those of you who doesnt know her ^^ 

Went for Madoka's showing in the morning ^^ 
Got it for free from my Kouhai Ascalon-san :3

Went to my Friend's booth during AFA to show my 'suppork' 
(because I only pass by and ended up not buying anytg ^^"") 
hahahaha , but look!!! There's so many people at her booth!!

Miyu-chan is from an artist group called SMILE±ISM ^^
I believe her goods are quite popular
(I'm not really into badges and fanart  but I assume so
because her stuff always sold out during events !! OwO!! )

You can check her out at  http://miyuki-yoshiharu.deviantart.com/ ;3
Here's she , solo warrior-ing during the event ^^

her booth

a picci taken when I was camwhoring with Miyucchin~~ 
who would've guessed it would turn out better than the camwhore pic itself lollz xD

Afterwards , walked around for a while ^^

Kenshin !!! Gyaa~~n !!!! xD 
This is an obvious MUST WATCH !!! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ (ノ≧∀≦)ノ!!!!

Walked around ~

And as you could've guessed ,
My stomach grumbled just after an hour of walk,~~~ (ノ ̄ω ̄)ノ ~~~
so about 12, i went to eat !! 

Bought Curry Udon at $7 @#$**(^&%$$%#% (translation : friggin expensive !!!!  (#`д´)ノ )

But Nice regardless heheheee ^^ 
THEN I figured out apparently the ones who sold (and made) them are Jap people
(no wonder :3 !!)

Went to my Sempai's Booth , NUSCAS booth,to meet up with them and take a group pic ^^ 

Yuchen-chan's hair is amazing [ ~OwO~ ] !!!

and took some random picci

Here's the famous Gundam Master ^^ nyaa~ 
found out from AFA website that he's here : https://www.facebook.com/Clivecosplay
Saw the Gundam up close ! Its real awesome xD

Then I met Saber-sama~!!!! Cant resist but ask her if I can take a pic with her xD 
Saber OMG !!! A very nice one some more xD !!!!
I love the armor !!!


Here's about all for AFA Day 1 .

MY AFA and CJ Night loots xD
Shall blog about AFA Day 2 , 
Danny Choo's CJ Night and My Taiwan PS soon ^^ 
Matta nee~~ ^^


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