Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Danny Choo 's Culture Japan Night

Tim and Vincent, our Bossu from Kira Candy invited Minni-chan and I to help around during Danny Choo's Culture Japan Night xD!! Its right after AFA and its super tiring 
but its Danny Choo!!! so why not? ;D

Lessons ended late and have to rush there like mad >,<
Reached there , Change!! Henshin !!!
Into Meido-nyan!!
Was there with Spinello-chan (as Asuna from SAO) and Minni-chan (as Lizbeth from SAO)

Minni chan and I are from Kira Candy :3 
All of us were from EOY Meido Ambassador 2011  and Spin is now with MMK :3

  with Spin-chan's friend

Guess what ?
Met Nitroplus' Shachou (president) Takaki Kosaka !!! (○o○) (○o○) (○o○)
(so kancheong even when i typed it became a typo!)
Anyway , 

and he took a pic with us too !!!
I also got his autograph !!! 

Ee-chan also had a pic of him playing with Neko-chan heheheee~~ 

when else can you see Nitroplus PRESIDENT playing with a cat ! xD lollz xD

Minni-chan took this pic with my phone ~ xD wahahaha~
Naughty Reimu !! 

Mirai goodies xD


Danny Choo~

with Tim , EOY's manager :D

This onii-san is from Goodsmile company and he handmade some of the figurines displayed by himself !!! >w<!!!! So cool!!!

 Ultimate Madoka-chan !!!!!!!!!!
Minni-chan was going crazy when she saw this !! She's a Huuuuuge  Madoka-fan xD

Mini madoka~ :D

 with Danny Choo !!! He's very nice to agree to take picci with us xD!

My signed Card !!!

Ani Culture Team :3

with Vincent , our Bossu :3

With Madoka's Itasha 
(look how Minni-chan turn from her usual calm and cool self into Hyper-mode when she saw the Madoka Itasha hahahaha xD) 

Thanks for people from Ani Culture to allow us IN to the Itasha!! xD xD xD

 But Minni-chan cannot drive !!!! And I only found out when we're already inside waa~!!! 
hahahaha xD

Btw , Most of the piccies taken are NOT mine lollz xD I cant take pics most of the time because wearing gloves = cannot use touch screen phone:P 
So where are they from ?? 
I stole them from Evelyn!!! hehehee~ 
Of course not ! I actually asked he permission lollz xD
Do visit her blog ! She had a write up about Danny Choo's CJ Night too ^^ 

With EveY~~

Evey's cute Namecard , drawn by Ophelia from Daiyaku xD

Group Picci!!! 

Recognize Esther there in front ? (Mirai's Ambassador xD )

Hahaha ^^ 
Minni and I were squished in the middle of the Otaku Brigade ~~
Anyway , Thats all for now :3

Bye bye ~~

Oh ya !!!

I signed a contract with this Qb for this :P
(Spin and Minni-chan also signed :P)


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