Thursday, November 29, 2012

J-Runway With Shizu-chan + "FULL" EOY Meido Line up :3


How many of you guys are watching Chuunibyou now ? xD!!
Had a sudden urge to draw sth cute 2 days ago , so I ended up spending half an hour to draw these :
Behold, le egg and chick inspired nail design ( (ミ´ω`ミ)) !!!
Now , as I am looking at my nails, I wondered what in the world overcame me to draw these m(._.)m

Anyway , I finally found the time to visit J-Runway !!!
Rarely had the chance to dress up, so , I guess... why not ?

OOtd ~ inside and out ~ 
pardon the lighting ^^ I'm running all over the place, rushing here and there lollz ^^ 
I actually took these piccies in the lift and on the mrt respectively :P

And yes , that's a wig if you're wondering ^^ 
I prefer wigs than dyeing 
Healthier for our real hair and you can change style more often too~ :3

Decided to wear my Liz-Lisa inspired Floral Poncho out today ~~~
Its a poncho I love to death( and so rarely wear it >,< ) 
But its soooo warm , fluffy and pretty ~~~!!! 
I love Liz Lisa ~!!!

[Nom of the Day]
Ribs at Cafe Cartel!! Frst time nomming ribs after a year lollz (=´∇`=)ureshikatta~~~
I'm gonna turn plump soon .....

THEN !!! I finally met up with Shizu-chan !!!

Actually there was THIS huge mirror which will be very good to camwhore at ..but...

the lighting's not good :P
so...we decided to camwhore at the make up counter instead  ^^""

Muahahaha~ note the exact same pose lollz xD 
Shizu-chan and I have been friends for almost 1,5 years now :3 
we met because of school `w` and we happen to have interest for Japanese stuff ^^
She's like >n< very 'Hime'-type ~!! (*ノ´□`)ノ 
The Princess type that you cannot find any fault on  (*ノ´□`)ノ   !
She's nice, pretty , smart , and patient ヾ(*´∇`)ノ
Am lucky to have met such a good friend in my life ヾ(・ω・*)ノ

Anyway , 

(=´∇`=)/ Ojou-sama  
 Goshuujin-sama ヽ(=^・ω・^=)丿~~
Shizu-chan is one of the EOY Meido Ambassador this year too~~ :3 !!
We'll be there together ~~ so do come over to support us ~^^ ~

During the meido Photoshoot, I get to meet our fellow meidos too ~!!! 

Here they are ~!!! 

Neko-nyan and Shera-chan :3  ~!!!
Neko-chan is very "Nyan-Nyan Cute" as her name suggest ^^

Shera-chan gave me a very "onee-sama" feel when I first met her ~!! 

She's very tall OwO (like a model !!) and she's very nice and cheerful too :D

Yumi and Yuu-chan ~!!! xD 

Doesnt Yumi-chan look like a Tsundere in this picture ;3 ?
That look kinda reminded me of Taiga ^^

And doesnt Yuu-chan look very dolly here xD ?

She almost looks like a dollfie here !!! xD xD xD

anyway , 
The full list of meido ambassadors is not out yet, but here are the current list :3 
There are 6 of us as of now ^^ (we should have 2 more if I'm not mistaken ;3 )

And lets keep the 2 a mystery for now ^^ teheee~

We hope to serve you through the EOY quest :D ~~!!!

More write up can be found on Cute-Pop's site :D


Camwhoring at J-Runway 
Sorry I didnt took much picture ^^ 
Was too excited to take piccies lollz. 
If you want to know more about JRunway opening (which I missed because of busy schedule T_T) do visit 
BUT one thing I do love about them is their Make Up Counter !!!!

Shizu-chan trying on Dolly Wink Products on the counter ^^ 
If you look closely , you can see :
- hair straightener and curler 
- stash of testers make up 
They are even so considerate as to provide us with make up remover , both normal and eye&lips one !!! OAO !!!!
 On a side note OxO i need to cut the wig's fringe OTL..

Pardon the digression =_="""
ended up buyinglots of DOlly wink items ~~ Here's shizuku-chan's 

Here's Mine's 

I shared half the lower tsukema with Shizu-chan ^^
bought the spare rubber for eyelash curler (which costs $4.00 OTL for my cheapo self ^^"") 
(hey , I'm a poor student/otaku/cosplayer on a budget!!! 
Whatever I can make myself , I make myself :P )
because it will put our item at exactly the minimum purchase
to be eligible for the $30 discount >n< 

Items to look forward to 
(contemplating getting) :

- Dolly Wink brown eyeliner
- Dolly Wink brown mascara

Looking forward to 3rd December Dolly Wink Sales :3

Matta nee~~ ^^

Terumi ヾ(・ω・*)ノ

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