Sunday, November 25, 2012

DollY Wink Contest

To whomever reads my blog (hahaha ^^)

I've entered the Dolly Wink contest !! ^^
(and changed my cover picture for a change of feel on this blog 
- my attempt to make it more girly than my tomboy self actually is :P )
If i win , I'll be able to go Japan and meet Tsubasa Masuwaka-chan >,< My Idol~~!!! >,<
So do look over their page :3 !!!

if I happen to be your favorite  (heheee~~)
;3 do vote for me 


The steps :
1. Like Dolly Wink's page 
2.Click on the picture (cannot open new tab T_T)
3. Click on the 'vote' tab (and apparently you can vote DAILY ^^""" )

That's all folks~~
Thank you minna-san~!!!!

My entry looks like this :3

Still loving my Inspired Liz Lisa poncho to death even now xD!!!!


Terumi ~~

1 comment:

  1. You're cute :)

    I'm running a Liz Lisa giveaway :

    I'd be glad if you entered it ^-^ <3