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Late Night dinner at ❤ Ma Maison ❤

Hello~ ❤
What did you guys do after CNY holidays are over? 

Last week, as a once in a while treat , Ee-chan and I decided to eat out instead of cooking at home (as we usually do) :3 Initially we wanted to try Saveur since Ee-chan was dying to try the so called 'affordable french cuisine' - sadly we have to give that up once we reach the location because Ee-chan made the reservation on the wrong day =___= and the place happened to be closed T__T 

Fortunately, we ended up elsewhere awesome and nearby
My Alternative

❤ Ma Maison ❤

Ma Maison is a Japanese-Westen fusion restaurant which serves menu ranging from the traditional tonkatsu to foie gras xD The first thing that struck me on arrival is how ... Dark the interior was O.O it was really dim, almost like bars. I have to use night mode on my camera to get it looking as bright as pictured below OxO

However, once I sat down and my eyes have adjusted to the dim lighting, the interior decor becomes visible and it is freaking pretty!!!! XD 

Even the menu is pretty 

After some deliberation, I ordered omu rice with beef stroganoff and Ee chan ordered hamburg steak with foie gras :3 I saw camembert cheese fritters and since both of ua are curious about it, we ordered that too 

Ordered Sangria for a drink ;) 
Which Ee chan finished when I was looking away because i commented i didnt usually take alcoholic drinks and he assumed I didnt want it (*cries*) =_="" didnt really have a chance to properly try T_T;;;

The first thing to arrive is the camembert cheese fritters !! 
I mean, look at these puffs of crispy goodness !! 

.....with warm gooey cheese inside ~

And the DIP ! The DIP is really nice too !!! I think its honey and some light vinegar (dont quote me on these hahaha , Im no expert ) but the crispy outer layer, the warm cheese and the sweet-tangy dip just makes the most perfect combination ever !! 

Before long, my omu rice with beef stroganoff arrived :3 I've eaten many many omu rice in many different places before and this one - this one is absolutely tasty !! xD Just simply delish !!

The omelette was soft, creamy and slightly thready in a nice way to give it some bite while being soft and velvety !! The butter rice was fragrant and good enough to eat on its own xD and the beef was tender with a flavour-packed gravy QmQ!! This is one of the few times I actually will be torn if Im asked to choose between a good ramen and something else T_T

Ee-chan's main course is hamburg steak with foie gras (I think ^^ hehe, I kinda forgot the exact name) He ordered these because we're curious about how foie gras tastes like ( poor students be poor after all hahaha we dont really go out to eat atas food often heheee) So this came !!

And our first foie gras is..... Okay.. ^^ 
Its tasty , crispy on the outside and immediately melts in your mouth once you chomp on it but somehow Im not convinced why it can be so expensive outside O.O The hamburg steak on the other hand is very moist, tender and satisfing :) The sides are fresh and the crispy potatoes (ee-chan and I argued if its lightly baked or fried:P ) is fluffy and soft inside and crispy on the outside :3  

Overall, the food is AWESOME, the ambience is nice , the decor is so pretty and the staff service is great!!!! ( when the staff delivered the food to our table , they put it down nicely and turn the plate facing us so its easier for us to eat and they checked on our water VERY regularly to make sure we always have something to drink - not to mention they're very polite too )

In brief, 
❤ I am HAPPY ❤

The Ma Maison branch we visited is located at Bugis Junction, Unit 02-51 ;D 

It's here if you're interested about it :3

"MA MAISON means "MY HOME" in French.
At MA MAISON, we are more than a restaurant. It is the place where you and your friends, family or love ones will enjoy original home recipes and warm hospitality. Our ambience will make you feel at home.
We hope you will enjoy your meals at MA MAISON!"

Hope this is useful ~ 
& Thanks for reading ;D 
Matta ne~ 

PS : 
Returned a second time during lunch hour and somehow the food quality is not as good as the night one :((( Idk if this is me being biased or what but Ee-chan and I do note that the night staff on the first day we ate there were Japanese while the lunch hour staff were not . ( A friend of mine who worked there before read this post and told me that sometimes the Japanese boss will cook - so maybe I'm lucky the first time around ? )

Ordered Escargot and Stroganoff Omu Rice (again xD ) the second time around 
verdict ?
Stroganoff Omu Rice - the first day was better - the Omelette and beef wasnt that nice this time around :( 
Escargot  - decent- not exceptional :/ 
Service is still good though :3 

Will I return again after this not-so-memorable second trip ? 
Yes because I got some vouchers T__T. 
If the third trip turn out to be the same as my second trip, I'll pass :(( Pretty disappointed at my second visit. Hopefully they can produce consistent results in their food - the service is excellent but well, I cant eat service :// ( I'm a glutton HAHAHA xD ) - lets just say service complements food and not the other way around ;D 

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