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Lens Review ♡ i.Fairy Pon Pon Gray ( ・ω・`)//~~

♡ Heyo~ ;D ♡

Today's review will be about iFairy's relatively new series of lenses - 

 ♡ iFairy Pon Pon Gray ♡

Ordered this because I love grey colored lenses and am in need of one , so I reckon - must as well try a new one ^^  This time, the packaging comes in a sealed plastic capsules instead of the usual glass vials. The plastic capsules are placed in a hot pink box - easier for storage compared to the old glass vials definitely :3

Now, for the actual lens pattern  :) 

seem quite vibrant isnt it ? (*‿*✿)
Now when worn, 

and this is how  it looks  like close up :D !!!

Normal Room Lighting 

With Flash !!!   ( ・ω・`)//~~ 

Review :

Initially, I thought the lens will look exactly like the design when worn ( the yellow, purple, bluish effects on the outer rim) sadly it wont look like that . As you can see, its closer to most 3 tone gray lenses. The yellow colour show a bit and the blue colour looks like gray ( which is , true to its name - pon pon gray , but I was kinda expecting a bluer finish to the gray :3 ) HOWEVER, one difference between this and generic 3 tone gray lenses  is that these lenses are HUGE. And unlike 3 tone lenses, the gray colours are more peripheral (on the edge) . Do I like it ? Yup :3 It gives off some sort of gloss/ shine to the eyes when worn and the despite the design not showing off too much, it looks pretty natural and cutesy :3 

Comfortable like most ifairy lenses in general :3 I can wear this 6 hours straight 

I like how while the design doesnt have the outer black ring /limbus (which have lots of enlarging effect ) - it still manage to give a huge enlarging effect ;)  the lack of limbus also made this ring much more natural looking . In addition, its also easy to wear out . This pair of lenses still gives off a pretty much natural vibe even without fake eyelashes or mascara  :) 

The gray colour is vibrant without being too unnatural  ;) I love how it blends in easily with dark eye colour :) 

 Some Outdoor pics 

✿ Indoor pics 
under different lighting :3
normal room lighting (left) dim lighting (right) 

✿ Will I buy it again ? 
Yupp! I''ll probably try another colour if I have the chance to buy it again just to try them out. What do you think about this ? Yay or Nay ? ;D 

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