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❤ Haircut ❤ @ Art Noise

Hello ~ 
Today I'm going to write about my recent haircut at Art Noise ^^ actually I didnt really plan to write about this but my experience there was pretty pleasant so I've decided to share it ;D

Basically... recently my hair has gotten really long (like, beyond my waist) and I normally will gladly opt to keep my hair as long as I can :'( but my work doesnt allow me to keep long hair ( it gets in the way of work ) and so, I have to cut it short :( *heartache*

Initially I had wanted to cut just a little bit (about 10 cm or so) but after thinking for a while , I thought I might as well just cut a lot - because, otherwise, I will end up cutting 10 cm every half a year or so ( more sufferings T__T) - and so my initial options are either :

Shoulder Length 
if I have the courage to do so


Chest Length 
if I chickened out at the last moments ... ^^"

And guess what , 
 so I showed some of the chest-length hair model pictures to my hairstylist that day, Kanako-san >,<. 

This time, I cut my hair at Art Noise. I really dont want to think too much about cutting my hair so no - I didnt choose the store (hahaha)  I actually asked Ee-chan to help me pick one shop online that is near my house T___T and he chanced upon Art Noise, which is a Japanese Hair Salon operated by Japanese (Duh .. hahaha ^^). He thought it may be a good salon and so he helped me book a slot and didnt think too much about it until the day arrived. Was pretty worried about what was to come that day  - I'm sorry.. I really am just a coward when it comes to hair cut... its the same as going to the dentist for me T__T

Aaand this is Art Noise's interior :)

The store is located on the second storey of one of the shophouses in Holland Village :) 
Its a pretty small store with cosy and warm interior decor :) Love the wooden furnishing 

That day, my hairstylist was Kanako-san 
She's a pretty Japanese Lady from near Okinawa who is really nice and kind. We had some difficulty communicating initially cause she cant speak English really well as she's just moved to Singapore in January ^^ but she tried her best to understand what I requested and also, Ee-chan was there and so helped me translate :) 
I really love how she's really meticulous when cutting my hair - from the balancing, layering etc ;D It was nicely done :3 I feel that the way the hair wash was done is good too ^^ She was really gentle and thorough and keep on asking me questions to clarify what I wanted :D I wanted my hair to be at mid-chest length when curled  and she clarified a few times and curled my hair at the end to make sure its of the desiredlength :) She even asked about how heavy /light I want my hair to be, if I curl my hair often so she can layer it in a way thats easy to curl (because I do curl my hair quite often) :) 

We were offered some drinks, green tea was available too but I wanted some water at the time :3 

I didnt take many pictures because as I've mentioned, I didnt really plan to write about this visit at all (in fact I rushed to take picture of the salon's interior right after I was done because the shop was already 30 minutes past its closing time and yet Kanako-san was still doing my hair calmly :'D ). Anyway, here are some pictures of my current hair length.
I didnt even bother to wear lenses or proper make up that day and it was late at night (I was their last customer) ^^" hahaha sorry for the tired/sleepy look 

New Hair !!
Sad but much lighter and manageable :3 

 It didnt look too short but believe it or not, I've already cut about 25 cm of my hair to achieve this length =___= A bit heartache but my head feels much much lighter now ^^ Im actually pretty happy I cut my hair this time around and I got some advice from her with regards to the type of hair colour which suits me too :3 Its easier at work now compared to last time (last time, I have to do aunty bun (with those huge aunty hair clip) at work or else if I do a normal tight bun , I'll get a headache at the end of the day. ) 

Overall, yep Im hapy about my haircut and 
If you'd like to find out more about Art Noise, 
its here  : 

Hope it helps ;D !

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