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Review ❤ Moe Moe Repair Aid by MoltoBene

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(sorry for using old pic :3 this was the pic of the time I was using this product so ... hahaha ^ this was chosen ) 

Some of my friends have been asking me about the products I am using for my hair. So after a while , I've decided maybe I should just reviw them because I do have a few of them . Some of the hair care products I use which are more affordable and more available locally includes Essentials' hair oil , Liese Hair Cocktail Moisturizing Hair Serum and Rougeria Hair Oil by Molto Bene ❤ One which is not so easily found locally is Moe Moe Repair Aid by MoltoBene (same company as Rougeria) ❤ 

I bought this at about $40-$50 (sigh....) when I first bleached my hair and was not disciplined in using it until last year when my hair condition became BAD - like more tangled , especially at the end. At that time, I immediately used this (which is available at my house ) before switching to Essentials (after its finished - it lasted for about half a year or so ) and Rougeria recently, after my essentials is finished :3   

"A leave-in treatment that moisturizes and softens hair with watery milky texture"

The packaging and the bottle is pretty cuute ❤ 
And I love products with pump applicator :3 Its more hygienic and easier to portion :3 

? Greasy or Not ?
The repair aid is basically a creamy-milky solution which is applied to hair just like most hair serum or hair oil :3 The serum texture is also light and coats the hair fibers easily , resulting in smoother hair :) Most hair oil are sticky and leaves a greasy feel either on your hand or worse, on the hair !!! This is why I am pretty cautious when buying hair oil, serums, or milk. However, this one doesnt leave a greasy residue and smoothens the hair well ;3

? Effective ?
Yep!  After repeated use (about a month of diligent application after every hair washing session) , I also noticed that my hair has a fluffier and softer finish :3 Despite having been bleached, my hair wasnt in as bad a condition than it should have been :) its tangle-free and easy to brush/comb through ;)

? Fragrance ?
The repair aid has a light floral scent which is quite elegant and not too overwhelming or cheap smelling :3 I cant use products with strong smell because they just simply give me a bad headache afterwards (literally, YES - I get headache if I smell strong perfume etc too Q___Q ) So I am pretty careful with fragrance in my products. Fortunately, this one has a fine fragrance. 

? So will I buy it again ?
Hmmmm , this is difficult. Overall, I quite love this product and the packaging is really cute ( I am a sucker for cute stuff) - but the price tag is really quite overwhelming :( So , iiif I managed to find this product on discount, or if a friend of mine managed to help me find in Japan (apparently its not so easy to find in Japan too) or if Rakuten is having sales etc , I will probably buy it again. Otherwise, I'll just stick to my more affordable Essentials or  Rougeria which has comparable result if you factor in their PRICE - but has a sliiiightly (just a little bit) more oily feel to it ^^ (to begin with, they're hair oil , not like this repair aid ^^ so yea, theyre more oily but ooonly a lil) 

? Yay or Nay for you?
The pictures below were taken when I was using Moe Moe Repair Aid .My hair condition at about that time - pretty light , fluffy and smooth . Didnt really take a close up picture but it works for me ;3 Have you seen this product around ? What do you think about it ? 

Anyway , hope this is useful :3 

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